Single Wall Streeter Seeks Wingchick

Woman and man consulting
Gehring | E+ | Getty Images

One busy banker is looking to hire someone who can do some serious screening -- not of his phone calls, but of his potential dates.

An anonymous person claiming to be a "Wall Street professional" posted an ad on Craigslist, in search of a woman to manage his love life.

Still, this dating maven can't be any old run of the mill matchmaker: the ad spells out a list of very specific attributes the potential hire must have.

"I am looking for a female who can screen, write, respond to and set up telephone calls with potential dates from online dating websites. I am a busy Wall Street professional and don't have time to do this myself," the poster stated in his ad. "The right person will be a good writer and have a passion for social media."

Got that ladies? Applicants must be able to make this Wall Street hot shot sound interesting in writing, and be able to play matchmaker on OKCupid.

The ad doesn't mention how much he intends to pay his dating manager. Considering this guy is so pressed for time that he can't handle his own personal affairs, I'd imagine the new hire would have some leverage in charging a pretty penny for her dating assistance.