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GREENVILLE, S.C., Dec. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Management Solutions (DMS), the Netvision surveillance trailer manufacturer, is looking forward to its fifth year as an exhibitor at ISC West. ISC West is a security trade show held annually at the Sands Expo Center, located behind the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The exhibition will take place next year, April 10-12. This year DMS is up for their first ISC West Sammy Award for "Best Overall Integrated Marketing Campaign." Winners will be announced April 9, 2013 and recognized the evening prior to the show.

At the show, DMS plans to launch a new mechanism designed to increase solar capacity on the existing PSTR2124, 3124WB and SOLR2130 surveillance trailers. For example, the 375 watts of solar currently used on the SOLR2130 will now be upgradable to 600 watts. This mechanism can be added to existing trailers bought by customers over the past few years and will not increase the footprint of the units. In areas that have low sun hour environments, these units will now run year round without having to use external power assistance 3-4 months out of the year.

At booth #11119, DMS will exhibit the SOLR2130 with increased solar capacity, the 3124WB with an EFOY PRO1600 fuel cell, and the 3124EMG with a diesel engine. They will also have on display a solar camera pole mount system and the COM Series, an HD portable surveillance system frequently used for covert surveillance. "At DMS, custom integration is our main focus," says Duane Whittle, Network Engineer for DMS. "Our customers appreciate us taking the time to design a product that will tie back into their existing infrastructure," Whittle says. The trailers at the show will feature an onboard HD monitor, a 4G router, IP cameras and Milestone software.

Ensol, a DMS partner, will also be displaying a Netvision surveillance trailer at their booth, the MET3124WB mobile equipment platform. This system will have an EFOY PRO1600 fuel cell. The fuel cell allows for silent operation and converts methanol into water and carbon dioxide. It's an eco-friendly version of a generator and works well in low sun hour environments.

DMS is a DHL Express and GSA partner. They service clients worldwide and frequently work with energy companies, military, federal groups, construction sites, and police departments. For more information on the Netvision product line, visit or call 1-800-380-9365 to speak with a sales representative today.

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