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Tucson, AZ, Dec. 5, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( -- In a new episode of the CShop : Host Robin Kay talks with Melissa Gorga and Tyler Ornstein (C.E.O Tylers Acid Free Coffee) about the phenomenal health benefits of the worlds 1st and #1 acidic free coffee.

Melissa Gorga. Beautiful, talented and a household name. The star of Bravo's hit show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" was introduced to a new type of coffee that is trending its way through the US.

What makes good coffee? Like red wine and sunshine, coffee has varied greatly in health circles. From being neutral, to being bad for you, to being good for you, and back to neutral. "Tell me about the taste, how would you describe Tylers Coffees?" asks Kay to Ornstein. "This taste is phenomenal. I used to drink all sorts of different brands and what I have come to figure out, is that coffee has that normal flavor, but it also creates that bitterness at the end. Well our coffee doesn't have that bitterness." Ornstein continues "So if your looking for a smooth buttery flavor, with that rich Italian taste, Tylers Coffees is your go-to coffee."

It seems like every other day someone is telling us why we should or shouldn't drink coffee. All arguments on the matter have been right or wrong in different aspects. Coffee is the single largest source of Antioxidants in Americans diets, adding it to your daily routine can help increase your metabolism and boost results during a work out.

What about the problem with acid in your daily cup of joe? Even though many aspects off coffee is good for your overall health, a high acid content can create many negative effects over time to your body. Including that automatic nasty bitter bite at the end of every sip. "To have something that is acid free I bet can make a world of difference for something like that" stated Gorga to Ornstein during the show. "Early in the mornings a cup of coffee too strong does bother my stomach" she continued.

Coffee may taste good and get you going in the morning, but what will it do for your health? Caffeine in excess is not good for you, but 100% natural coffee in moderation offers a wide range of great health benefits. A growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are:

  • Less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia
  • Have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes

If you're like the average American, who downed 416 8-ounce cups of coffee in 2009, you might want to know all that java is doing for you, or to you.

Ornstein comments "It really has revolutionized the coffee market. And we're so excited to help people who have stomach related issues."

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