Why Is Alan Simpson Dancing Gangnam Style?

Alan Simpson dancing Gangnam style.
Alan Simpson dancing Gangnam style.

With efforts in Washington to avoid the "fiscal cliff" bogging down, former Sen. Alan Simpson has taken a drastic step in his campaign to trim the nation's hemorrhaging $16 trillion debt. Many steps: He's dancing Gangnam style.

The 81-year-old half of the Simpson-Bowles Commission stars in a YouTube video, dancing away next to a human can.

The video asks: "How can young Americans fix the $16 trillion national debt?"

"Stop Instragramming your breakfast and tweeting your firstworldproblems and getting on YouTube so you can see Gangam style, and start using those precious social media skills to go out and sign people up on this baby." the Wyoming Republican says.

"Three people a week. Let it grow and don't forget, take part or get taken apart. Boy these old coots will take out the Treasury before you get there."