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"Stitched Together" - Uglydoll
David Horvath signed letters to his sweetheart far away in Korea with a character named "Wage". Sun-Min surprised him by making a doll version as a holiday present. Soon after, a toy store owner in Los Angeles ordered 20 --which sold out in a day— and the love birds launched what became a wildly successful line of Ugly Dolls, books, products and even a movie soon at a theater near you.

"Fun Money" - Lund & Co.
Thirty years into his career as a toy maker, Bruce Lund has made lots of money, designing hits like TMX Elmo, but he's also learned making toys isn't only about fun and games. Before Frank Lloyd Wright became an iconic architect, he played with building blocks. Before the Wright Brothers got to Kitty Hawk, they played with a flying toy. Toys, according to Lund, shape the future of the world we live in.

"Millions in the Making" - OgoSport
OgoSport, which takes its name from the motherly request, "Oh Go Outside and play", is a toy company founded by two designers from the Pratt Institute, Rick Goodwin and Kevin Williams.They found initial success in their OgoDisk and with the help of a third partner, Jenie Fu, are continuing to build award-winning products and a recognizable brand.