On the Next Money In Motion: Twist & Shout

Federal Reserve Building, Washington, D.C.
Mark Chivers | Getty Images
Federal Reserve Building, Washington, D.C.

Twist and Shout

The Fed will meet next week, and the world is clamoring to hear the answers to several burning questions. As Operation Twist expires, will the Fed take action to continue to depress treasury yields? If there are further bond sales as expected, will they be "sterilized" by the sale of longer-dated bonds— or will the Fed move on to pure selling? Our experts will discuss the expectations, and give you their best way to trade the big announcement.

Don't Call it Euro Trash

The euro has had a huge rally over the last three weeks, nearly overtaking October's highs. So what's behind the big move, and how much higher could the euro run? We'll discuss the outlook, and tell you how to trade the troubled currency into the end of the year.

Shanghai Surprise

The Chinese stock market seems to be at a crossroads – it dropped down to the lowest levels since February 2009, only to shoot 3% higher the next day. The real moment of truth will come next week, when we get the important HSBC Flash PMI figure. If China's economy looks to be contracting, will we finally see the stimulus that many have predicted? We'll sort it all out, and give you your best way to play China's critical number.

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