Euro Slips, Pound Dips, Dollar Hangs On


Germany cut its growth outlook, following on the European Central Bank's downbeat forecast, and the euro slipped. [CNBC]

The dollar traded slightly higher against the yen in Asian trading on speculation that the nonfarm payroll report will beat expectations. [WSJ]

Disappointing industrial production figures and the prospect of higher inflation sent the British pound lower. []

China's central bank kept forcing its weaker exchange rate on the market, and the yuan stayed marooned at the top of its range as corporate players shifting to less regulated currency forwards. [CNBC]

With the Swiss franc hovering above the per-euro cap set in 2011, the Swiss National Bank's foreign-exchange reserves fell. [CNBC]

Hong Kong intervened again in an ongoing effort to curb the Hong Kong dollar's strength. [CNBC]