Makeup Artist Moni P Extends Her Mastery of Contour Blending to the Mainstream Market

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HOUSTON, Dec. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Makeup artist Moni P announced the national roll-out of her new brand – Blending Beauty. An artist in the mediums of oils and water colors, Moni P applies the same brush strokes and blending techniques to the facial canvas.

"I am both a professional and a student of the industry," said Moni P. "The MUA greats such as Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin, Danessa Myricks, Pat McGrath, Sam Fine, and Scott Barnes had inspired me due to their exceptional ability to blend and contour. I'm a perfectionist and the end result is a blending style that is perfectly suited to my clients' facial structure and beautifully blended."

Women weary of unsightly, frustrating contour lines after having their makeup applied can turn to Blending Beauty by makeup artist, Moni P. The Blending Beauty brand eliminates the nuisance of lines that give away areas where makeup starts and stops on a woman's face. Moni P. uses her professional blending technique to make multiple shades and colors appear more naturally.

For several years, Moni P has been a self-taught artist from the time she practiced on herself with makeup purchased from her neighborhood grocery store. She has also drawn from a variety of sources while perfecting her craft. These sources include the work of high profile experts such as author and celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown, as well as instructional videos including the Mac Cosmetics channel on YouTube. Moni P and her team are constructing a YouTube channel of their own, where more of the world can view the benefits of the Blending Beauty brand.

Moni P's cosmetic journey crossed the line from personal to professional after her friends began to notice the flawless blending on her own face. They asked Moni P if she could create the same beautiful look for them, and she was happy to oblige. News of Moni P's makeup talents spread from friends to acquaintances to strangers-turned-clients. New clients have expressed their gratification with finding Moni P after their dissatisfaction with other artists' blending of their makeup.

While monitoring the industry's latest trends, Moni P also sets them. Her trends are evident through her work with music industry models such as actresses from videos of Southern rap legends like Bun B and Wacka Flocka Flame. Other notable clients include Houston-based national recording artist Just Brittany, as well as Ashley Cheatham of the Oxygen network's "Bad Girls Club" and VH1's "Mama Drama."

Moni P's strong belief in continuous studies stems from the values learned from her mother as she grew up in Houston. She encouraged her to go on to the University of Houston, where she studied Fashion Merchandising and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Moni P's educational interests are not limited to fashion and cosmetics, as she is finishing up her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice.

Moni P's team conducts full-service on-site makeup application. To learn more about Blending Beauty or to book an event, contact agent MWH Public Relations or go to

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Houston Based Makeup Artist, Moni P is an experienced professional trained in a variety of cosmetic application techniques. Her Blending Beauty brand features her personal touch of contour science, and draws from the best of the industry. Moni P is an accomplished instructor on makeup artistry, with a talented apprenticeship following. More to come at

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