Fiesta Roses Announces Partnership With VIIVIIVII Just in Time for the Holidays

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiesta Roses has teamed up with marketing powerhouse VIIVIIVII just in time for the Holiday Season. The collaboration is already showing signs of near perfection as two out-of-the-box companies join to make these radical roses the unbeatable show stoppers for events and occasions, the ultimate centerpiece for homes everywhere, and of course, the perfect gift for any occasion.

Fiesta Roses has already pushed the boundaries on all things floral by acquiring the title "World's Largest Rainbow Rose Supplier." However, Fiesta Roses didn't stop at the rainbow, they chased it all the way to Celebrations, Sunshine, Dreamsicles, Fire and even Ice. These are but a few of the brilliant names chosen for some of the other extravagant multicolored rose bouquets by Fiesta Roses. For the upcoming Holiday Season, Fiesta Roses has four unbelievable bunches that put a twist on the classic bouquet: Hanukkah Roses, Christmas Roses, Candy Cane Roses, and the Ultimate Holiday Bouquet. Give the gift of holiday cheer in the form of unusual, unexpected, and undeniably beautiful bouquets.

Tom Wienckoski, CEO of Fiesta Roses, had this to say about the partnership, "We're so thrilled to be working with this team, and at just the right time. There is truly no gift more special, different, and thoughtful than a fantastic floral arrangement, tailored exactly to a loved one."

"We hadn't seen anything like Fiesta Roses before, so we knew that working with Tom was a simple decision. VIIVIIVII is buzzing about what's in store for this partnership. Soon, celebrities will know they've made it big when they have a rose named after them!" said Ken Collis, CEO of VIIVIIVII. President of VIIVIIVII, Tracy Keyser, added, "You don't easily come across opportunities to work with brands that are this innovative. The roses are beautiful yet edgy, but if that isn't your style, The Ultimate Bouquets are equally as breathtaking with a much more traditional feminine feel."

Gift your loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, or special someone this Holiday Season with a bouquet that is sure to raise eyebrows, drop jaws, and open arms. Exceed the expectations of last year's regular rose with Fiesta Roses. Fiesta Roses are available exclusively at You can follow on twitter @FiestaRoses for new creations, celebrity alignments, and bouquet updates! Remember, violets may still be blue…but with Fiesta Roses, roses no longer have to be red.

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