West Greenwich Animal Hospital Meets Emergency Pet Surgery Needs

WEST GREENWICH, R.I., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners with dogs or cats requiring emergency pet surgery can take their pets to West Greenwich Animal Hospital for urgent care. The veterinary hospital has a board certified orthopedic surgeon on staff for advanced surgical needs. Emergency pet surgery may be required if a pet consumes a foreign object which causes intestinal obstruction, wound or broken bone occurs after a fight, a pet is hit by a car, or a twisted stomach threatens a pet's health. A veterinarian and ultrasound pet specialist are also available six days a week during regular hours for emergency surgery.

Pet owners have a solution for treating their pets' emergency health needs. West Greenwich Animal Hospital offers emergency pet surgery during regular clinic hours on Monday through Saturday for pets requiring urgent care.

"Pet emergencies can strike at any time, and many require surgical care in order to save a pet's life," said veterinarian Dr. Ralph Pratt. "As a full-service veterinary hospital, we offer comprehensive surgical services, including emergency surgery and have an ultrasound pet specialist on-staff."

The ultrasound pet specialist is available with prior appointment. A board certified orthopedic surgeon is also available for emergency surgery.

"We are proud to provide high quality care in everything we do, including pet emergencies," said Dr. Ralph Pratt. "For example, an orthopedic surgeon can make a real difference when treating broken bones or an ACL injury. The depth of experience, knowledge and training is invaluable during a pet emergency, when life-altering veterinary care decisions must be made at a moment's notice."

One of the most common causes for an emergency operation is blunt force trauma such as a car accident. Animals that escape and are injured during a fight may also require stitches or an operation to repair soft tissue damage.

Pets that ingest a foreign object may also need surgery if the object creates an intestinal blockage. Dr. Amy Pratt, a veterinarian with the animal vet hospital, warns that this is a common health emergency during the holiday season.

"Pet owners should be especially vigilant with holiday decorations, such as tinsel," said Dr. Amy Pratt. "These decorations may look like play toys to curious pets, but they can result in health complications if ingested."

In addition to pet emergency surgery, the veterinary hospital also performs routine surgical care, including spay/neuter operations. Pet vaccinations, pet dermatology and pet dentistry are available with an appointment.

Dr. Ralph Pratt and Dr. Amy Pratt founded the West Greenwich Animal Hospital in 1995. Today the hospital continues to provide high-quality wellness care and specialized veterinary services to pets in West Greenwich, East Greenwich, Coventry, Richmond, Foster, Scituate, Sterling, Connecticut and other surrounding areas.

Pet owners may learn more about emergency care services, including emergency surgery, by visiting the vet hospital's website http://www.wgah.net.

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