Clermont Chiropractor Maintains Social Media Presence for Enhanced Patient Communication

CLERMONT, Fla., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clermont chiropractor Dr. Kurtis Michaux of Michaux Family Chiropractic is using the social media boom to spread his message about healthy lifestyles. The majority of Americans use the internet to search for health information and discuss treatment options with friends and family, more increasingly so through social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter. Dr. Michaux explains that he wants to provide many options for accessing information about how chiropractic care and wellness are intertwined while building a supportive, health-oriented community online.

Dr. Michaux says that the interactive nature of chiropractic care makes it a good fit with social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. "Our type of healthcare really requires the patient to take a very active role in his or her own recovery and wellness goals. Since the internet plays such a big part in the way people find out about health issues, we decided it was important for us to make as much information available as possible—to make ourselves available, actually—to help people get the answers and encouragement they need to make healthy choices every day."

The Clermont chiropractor currently maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and regularly posts on several health-related topics. Recent posts include tips on healthy eating meant especially for supporting people through the holiday season. There are also posts about how chiropractic spinal care can help during pregnancy. Some posts discuss spinal decompression, massage therapy, exercise and correcting posture problems in daily life.

Dr. Michaux says their pages are also starting to bring people together to discuss health and safety issues of importance to the surrounding community. He points to a post encouraging discussion about red light cameras being installed at some problematic local intersections. Dr. Michaux says that he wants to see posts from his patients and the public on this topic, particularly since it could mean an increase in rear-end accidents and whiplash injuries. He also hopes the discussion will encourage people to follow safer driving practices, like maintaining proper speed and distance between cars so that there will be fewer car accident injuries in the first place.

Dr. Michaux says that he hopes their new social media pages will encourage people to be more proactive about their own health. "Our posts are there to encourage discussion and also to give people new ideas about ways to eat, ways to exercise, walk, sit, sleep and live so that they are less likely to hurt in the future. Social media gives us a new way to spread these messages and help our patients spread them as well."

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