Canton Chiropractors Promote Impact of Natural Healing and Holistic Care

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CANTON, Ohio, Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canton chiropractors are employing a variety of natural, non-invasive services and techniques as part of his holistic approach to healing. According to Dr. Michael James and Dr. Nathan Sikora of the Center for Holistic Medicine, these services work together to address every aspect of patient health and help the body's various components and systems function in harmony with each other. "Holistic healing is all about recognizing the many factors that go into wellness and disease, and dealing with each of these factors through naturally effective methods," says Dr. James. "These methods often enable the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery."

The chiropractors liken the body to a complex mechanism in which a failure in one system can cause an interrelated chain of other problems. "For instance, the nervous system controls everything the body does and feels," Dr. James explains. "When it comes to organ function, hormonal balances, immune response, motor strength and coordination, sensations of pain, the nerves conduct all the messages that regulate these processes. So if you have a major nerve impingement due to spinal misalignment, joint deterioration or injury, any or all of these other systems may be affected."

Dr. Sikora adds that a broad symptom such as headache pain can also have multiple causes. "You might be suffering from a buildup of toxins, or you might have a muscle strain or disc problem, either from a specific event or from years of poor posture," he says. "That's another reason to employ a variety of healing modalities from detox therapy to chiropractic adjustment to address the multiple issues that may be occurring and the variety of symptoms they may produce."

The facility's treatment techniques include spinal adjustment, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional therapy and physical rehabilitation. "A back injury, for example, may benefit from several of these modalities depending on the circumstances," notes Dr. Sikora. "Chiropractic adjustment can correct a vertebral misalignment, while massage can relax damaged muscles and boost circulation to the tissues. If obesity contributed to stress on the back, nutritional counseling may help the patient lose weight and maintain wellness," he says.

Both chiropractors offer skills and expertise beyond chiropractic adjustment techniques. "We have dedicated ourselves to providing truly comprehensive care, and our advanced training in a variety of natural healing disciplines allows us to do that," said the chiropractors. They acknowledge that non-invasive methods may not work for everyone: "If a patient does require surgery or medication, of course we will refer that person to the appropriate specialist. But for many people, natural methods really do work, so we encourage the public to give holistic techniques a chance."

In addition to its general wellness and illness/injury treatment services, the Center for Holistic Medicine offers customized care for specific segments of the Canton population, including women's, children's and senior health.

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