St. Charles Emergency Pet Hospital Anticipates Busy Holiday Season

ST. CHARLES, Ill., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A St. Charles emergency pet care facility is once again getting ready for a busy time of year. According to Dr. Lynette Greenwood, a veterinarian at Emergency Veterinary Services of St. Charles (EVS), the holidays bring an escalated number of emergency incidents, many of which take place in the evening and on weekends when many traditional pet hospitals are not open. "We want people to be aware that our doors are open to receive their pets in emergency circumstances, even during the holidays," she says. "We also want them to be aware of the heightened potential for incidents during these periods so they can avoid trouble."

Dr. Greenwood explains that the festivities associated with the holiday season can boost the risk of such emergencies as poisonings and injury accidents. "Holidays tend to feature a variety of foods, and many human foods are toxic to animals," says the St. Charles veterinarian. "Chocolate, for example, can poison dogs and cats, and desserts made with a sweetener called xylitol can cause a veterinary emergency. The fact that these foods tend to be laid on platters or countertops during party preparation where pets can easily reach them increases the chance for a pet ingesting something toxic to them."

The pet hospital also sees many cases of injury accidents during the holiday season. "Outdoor pets face an increased risk of getting hit by cars due to icy road conditions and/or drunk drivers coming home from holiday parties," says the veterinarian. "Any such injury should be considered an emergency. Fractures, lacerations and internal bleeding must be dealt with immediately."

Dr. Greenwood also points out that birds can be poisoned by even minute traces of airborne cleansers or deodorizers, requiring owners to clean with care. She also advises car owners to remove any traces of anti-freeze or other automotive fluids from the driveway or garage floor, since dogs like to lap up these toxic puddles.

Such immediate care can prove difficult if the owner's regular veterinary facility does not see after-hours patients, which is why the pet hospital expressly serves urgent and emergency cases during evening and weekend hours. EVS is open for clientele from 6 pm to 8 am on weeknights, and on weekends it remains open from 12 pm Saturday until 8 am Monday without interruption. As is typical of emergency-only facilities, the clinic does not require appointments.

"If you have a pet emergency, you can't afford to look around for a place that can help you or set up an appointment for later," notes the veterinarian. "We urge area pet owners to keep our contact information handy and rush their pets to us the moment an after-hours crisis occurs."

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