A Cat Hospital in Las Vegas Demonstrates Dedication to Feline-Only Wellness Care

HENDERSON, Nev., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cat Hospital in Henderson, NV is educating cat owners about the benefits of a feline-only animal hospital. According to cat veterinarian, Dr. Trish Auge, feline veterinarians can offer a higher level of dedicated feline care. This includes feline emergencies, cat vaccinations, cat dental care, feline-only boarding, as well as advanced diagnostic equipment, including digital radiograph. Henderson cat owners searching for dedicated feline care can find these services at A Cat Hospital.

"When you first enter A Cat Hospital, you are instantly aware that this is not your ordinary animal hospital," said cat vet Dr. Trish Auge. "For one thing, our cat clinic is absolutely quiet; there are no barking dogs. There are no odors that could offend kitties or people. The atmosphere is cozy: no harsh metal tables; instead counter tops and cabinets, closely resembling the family kitchen."

According to Dr. Lesley Zamora, "Our staff at our cat clinic is expertly trained to identify subtle changes in posture that could identify an 'upset kitty' by the position of the eyes, ears, and tail. All cats require patience, understanding of their unique needs, a gentle touch, and a soft voice."

All of these qualities can be found in the Kitty Hotel within this cat hospital in Las Vegas as well. "With the holidays right around the corner, we want our Kitty Hotel boarding to be a comfortable option as your cat's home away from home," said Dr. Trish. "The Cat Hospital team will visit with kitties who welcome the attention, with petting, and soft words of affection." Sunlight from the front windows is visible from every cage and condo. There are birds and fish for the kitties entertainment. Kitties have the option to be brushed and exercised daily for a nominal fee. The Kitty Hotel is checked hourly and soiled litter boxes are removed promptly. "All of the guests at the Kitty Hotel are cared for in a gentle and loving way, just as you would care for them at home," said the vet.

The veterinarians say that other differences offered by the cat clinic include enhanced diagnostic care, including digital radiography and blood work, all performed without scruffing the cats.

"Everyone here at A Cat Hospital wants your kitty to have a pleasant experience," says Dr. Heather Goldsboro. "From treating new-born kittens to helping cats enjoy their senior years, our team is fully experienced with all aspects of feline care." Dr. Trish adds, "We want to win your cat's trust - and become their new friends. With years of experience we have learned the way to do this is to stop, look and listen to what your cat has to say, even when no words are spoken at all. That is why we are the Cat Whis-purr-ers."

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