Anesthesia Free Animal Dentist Unveils New Website

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Animal Dental Care, a nation-wide traveling anesthesia free animal dentist group, has released its new website. The new website is designed to provide information to both veterinarians and pet owners about pet dental care. Several veterinarians who have had the Animal Dental Care group visit their clinic or animal hospital have posted testimonials on the new website. In addition, the website provides information to the public about how pet owners can start a daily dental hygiene routine at home with their pets. According to the new website, the vast majority of pets suffer from some level of dental disease.

One of the veterinarians who has posted on the new website, Dr. John J. Donahue, says the Animal Dental Care website will be a good resource for pet owners hesitant to put their pets under anesthesia. "I now realize that anesthesia for routine dental care (especially the elderly patients) is basically unnecessary. I have to admit, the results I have seen are amazing." He adds that for pet owners who are skeptical about how an anesthesia free animal dentist can possibly clean a pet's teeth, the website should provide an excellent resource.

The Animal Dental Care website has a number of articles describing how important regular animal teeth cleaning appointments are. A section on the website instructs pet owners on starting a daily teeth-brushing routine with their pet at home. The Products page helps pet owners purchase special toothbrushes and toothpastes designed to use with pets, as human toothbrushes and toothpastes are unsafe for dogs and cats. To those skeptical that anesthesia-free pet dental care is even possible, the website offers a Frequently Asked Questions page and articles that discuss, in broad terms, how these traveling animal dentists are able to calm and keep a pet still throughout the dental exam and cleaning process without using any anesthesia at all.

In addition to the public areas of the new website, visitors can also sign up for free to become members of the website and receive additional content. Under the "About Us" tab, visitors can click "Website Membership" and register to receive a regular pet health newsletter, information about special discounts and special pet care content designed for families and children.

Another veterinarian who uses the Animal Dental Care service, Dr. Barry Love, believes the website will be a great resource about safe animal teeth cleaning for pet owners: "To owners who refuse to anesthetize their companion for dental prophylactic reasons, the non-anesthesia dental has provided a wonderful alternative."

Animal Dental Care is a traveling group of animal dentists that provides non-anesthetic animal teeth cleaning for pets. They travel to animal hospitals and veterinary clinics with a dedicated pet dental care staff to provide exams and cleanings, and the new website is located at

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