Stamford & White Plains Car Accident Injury Patients Benefit From Prompt Chiropractic Care

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Dec. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Sirota Chiropractic in White Plains, New York is working to educate car accident victims about the importance of chiropractic care. According to Dr. Sirota, many accident victims delay seeking treatment until weeks or months after their accidents. This delay leads to the development of scar tissue and chronic pain, which puts the body at risk for future injuries. Dr. Sirota says chiropractic adjustments are an effective, drug-free treatment for managing whiplash injuries, back and neck pain, and chronic headaches caused by a car accident injury.

Car accident victims benefit from immediate chiropractic care following their accident, says Dr. Jon Sirota. The Stamford and White Plains chiropractor, who has been treating patients for over two decades, says prompt treatment is essential to preventing scar tissue and helping the body properly heal.

Dr. Sirota recommends that all accident victims – even those involved in a minor fender bender – receive a prompt diagnostic evaluation to determine the extent of their injuries. He cautions that the absence of broken bones or other external injuries can be misleading; musculoskeletal injuries may still have occurred that are simply not visible.

"Many accident victims mistakenly believe that a fender bender cannot cause any damage to the body," said Dr. Sirota. "Unfortunately, that's not the case. Accidents at very low speeds can still cause whiplash injuries leading to chronic headaches, neck pain and back pain. A prompt diagnostic exam will identify these problems before the occurrence of chronic pain."

A whiplash injury occurs when the force of a rear impact abruptly knocks the cervical spine beyond its normal range of motion. This can cause a cervical misalignment and also strain or tear the soft tissues in the neck. Patients may feel immediate soreness or stiffness, followed by chronic neck pain, headaches and difficulty concentrating.

"Hands-on adjustments are a safe and effective technique for treating whiplash injuries," said Dr. Sirota. "When integrated with complementary therapies, such as laser therapy and physical therapy, chiropractic care helps speed the recovery process. Maintaining proper spinal alignment will also reduce the risk for future injury."

In addition to classic chiropractic care, Dr. Sirota incorporates cutting-edge technology into his treatments. Low-level laser therapy, for example, promotes internal healing for injured muscles. This is effective for managing chronic pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck after an accident.

Physical therapy exercises can help restore a full range of motion to the body following an injury. For example, these exercises are beneficial for patients struggling with soreness and stiffness in their neck and shoulders.

Dr. Sirota has two office locations serving White Plains, NY and Stamford, CT. Chiropractic care and complementary therapies for treating a car accident injury are available at both locations.

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