Top News Headlines of the Week (December 3 - December 7, 2012) From China PRnews

BEIJING, Dec. 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The following is a roundup of the top news stories from China PRnews, Local Partner of NASDAQ OMX Group in China.

2012-12-3 [Source: King Long Motor]

Higer won the '2012 Coach of the Year in China'

In the 2012 annual coach award ceremony, the Higer KLQ 6122 won the 'Coach of The Year In China' by its intelligent, electronic and information technology.

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2012-12-3 [Source: Primal Blueprint]

Primal Blueprint reported that 2013 will be the Turning Point for China Health Care Products Market

As the U.S. high-end health care brand 'Mark Sisson' becomes famous in China, the health concept of Primal Blueprint(www.usabj.net) also attracts more Chinese customers' concerning and pursuit.

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2012-12-3 [Source: Far East Group]

Far East Group won the 'Enterprise Culture Building Demonstration Unit' in Jiangsu Province

Nov 25, 2012, themed as 'Strengthen the Building of Enterprise Culture, Promote the Healthy Development', the high-end forum of Jiangsu private entrepreneurs was held in Wuxi. Far East Group won the title of 'Enterprise Culture Building Demonstration Unit' in Jiangsu Province.

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2012-12-5 [Source: Haier]

Haier Crystal Washing Machine Defined the New Standards

Haier crystal drum washing machine adds a laundry accurate sensing control system, can automatically sense the clothes weight and stain extent as well as accurately detect the water quality, and intelligent put detergent. The product firstly adopts the ABT self-cleaning system consisting of the special antibacterial window mat and window built-in dual spray engine and successfully achieves a double antibacterial effect keeping clothes from the secondary pollution. In addition, Haier Crystal washing machine applies industry-leading SD plus core frequency conversion technology to achieve an ultra-low mute effect of 45 dB.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51292.htm

2012-12-5 [Source: Landray]

The Ninth China Knowledge Management Forum be Successful Held in Shanghai

November 30, 2012, The Ninth China Knowledge Management Forum jointly organized by the Landray software Co., Ltd., IBM was held in Shanghai. The forum attracted the participation of nearly 200 well-known executives, experts and scholars.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51286.htm

2012-12-5 [Source: Fotile]

Fotile Borcci to Build the China's Cabinet Style

Fotile Borcci has been focusing on enhancing their quality and service with its outstanding performance in the industry for 12 years. It was also accepted as a high-end quality with the 'China Best Quality Brand Award' last year.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51303.htm

2012-12-5 [Source: Sino Voice]

Sino Voice Lingyun: Top Supplier of Intelligent Human Computer Interaction

Sino Voice makes the communication interaction between machine and person more simple and natural through Lingyun, which is an internet cloud service to operate digital devices with various methods such as speech, handwriting, pictures, gestures, even brainwave in the future.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51283.htm

2012-12-5 [Source: Muyang Group]

Minyue Li, CEO of the Muyang Group won the 'NFIC Science and Technology Innovation Entrepreneur' Award

December 5, 2012, the China Federation of Industry and Commerce (NFIC) tenth executive committee meeting was held at the National Conference Center. Minyue Li, CEO of the Muyang Group won the 'NFIC Science and Technology Innovation Entrepreneur' Award. The awards winners are all the outstanding private entrepreneurs who contribute to the promotion of technological innovation.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51304.htm

2012-12-6 [Source: Venustech]

Venus's WAF and Wireless Security Products Won the Awards

Recently, the '2012 China Network Management Technology Conference' organized by Journal of Network Operation and Management was held. Venus Tianqing Web WAF won the 'Administrators' Favorite Product' and the product of Wireless Security won the 'Technology Innovation' award.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51321.htm

2012-12-7 [Source: Meiling]

Meiling won the Title of China Top Ten Refrigerator Brand

December 7, 2012, sponsored by the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute, hosted by the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Technology Research Institute, '2011-2012 China's household appliances industry brand test results of the evaluation conference' was held in Beijing. Meiling as the consumers' familiar brand won the title of 'China Top Ten Refrigerator Brand'.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51376.htm

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