Polycom standardizes on Telchemy technology for VoIP QoE Monitoring

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Duluth, GA, Dec. 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telchemy today announced that Polycom are now including Telchemy's VQmon/EP as a standard feature in the Polycom VVX 500, VVX 600 and VVX 1500 series of IP phones, which allows Telchemy's SQmediator to collect and report VoIP performance statistics on every call. This provides Polycom service provider and enterprise customers with a scalable, intuitive performance management infrastructure that proactively detects and pinpoints problem calls and problematic locations.

VQmon has become the de facto standard for VoIP performance monitoring. This lightweight embedded agent performs real time call quality analysis for narrowband and wideband VoIP calls, providing accurate MOS scores and a range of diagnostic data. VQmon is the first and most widely used embedded agent that supports the RTCP XR (RFC3611) and SIP Voice Quality Reporting (RFC6035) protocols, and is unique in its ability to report the impact of transient IP problems on user perceived quality.

SQmediator collects voice quality reports directly from Polycom VVX 500, 600 and 1500 IP phones, in addition to license enabled SoundPoint IP Phones, performs real time correlation with customer or location and supports rapid problem detection and drill-down through its intuitive web browser based dashboard. SQmediator is highly scalable, from Enterprise to Service Provider, and has been designed to meet stringent government and financial industry security requirements. This advanced performance management application supports multiple service levels and service types, with customizable performance thresholds and alert generation.

The combination of the Polycom VVX and SoundPoint IP phones with VQmon, and the SQmediator performance management application provides Enterprises and Service Providers with a cost effective approach to pro-actively monitor VoIP performance directly from the desktop or business location. This allows the network or telecom manager to immediately detect problems affecting voice services and to rapidly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

"Voice services are a mission critical application for many businesses" said Alan Clark, CEO of Telchemy, "we welcome the deeper relationship with Polycom as their strong history in delivering high quality audio and conferencing products combined with Telchemy's performance management technology provides a solid and proven solution for the Enterprise and Service Provider."

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