Cramer’s Big Picture – Embrace This Theme

In this uncertain market, you have to be able to fall back on big, long-term themes that are too powerful to be swept away by the endless idiocy in Washington, said Cramer.

And a theme the Mad Money host likes a lot is energy due to the tremendous increase in oil production resulting from new found supplies located in North America.

"We've discovered so much new oil in places like North Dakota's Bakken shale, the biggest domestic find since Prudhoe Bay in the sixties, that we simply don't have the existing pipeline infrastructure to get all of that crude where it's wanted," Cramer said.

In turn, that's created opportunities.

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"It creates a need to transport that oil from the remote areas where it's pumped out of the ground to places where it can be refined," Cramer said.

"It's a huge opportunity for the pipeline operators," Cramer said.

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But of all the pipeline plays – Cramer thinks Enbridge belongs on your radar - front and center.

"First of all, last week Enbridge announced a $6.2 billion program to increase pipeline capacity from North Dakota, the home of the Bakken shale, to refineries in the Midwest as well as Canada," he said.

"In addition, the company is involved in a new railroad joint venture to ship oil from the Bakken to refineries in the Philadelphia area via train."

"Enbridge now has $26 billion worth of commercially secured projects from this year through 2016, and those projects are fueling the company's earnings growth, which management projects will be upwards of 10% for years to come," he said.

And - to make the stock all the more interesting, "Last week, Enbridge boosted its dividend by 12%, bringing the yield up to a respectable 3%."

What's the bottom line?

"Enbridge is a Canadian pipeline company that operates the world's longest and most sophisticated oil and liquids transportation system," said Cramer. And the company stands to benefit from a theme that will be with us for many years to come, the need for more energy."

"I like this stock so much. I think it's a winner."

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