Buy Hewlett-Packard on Icahn Rumor? Pros

Rumors that billionaire investor Carl Icahn was interested in Hewlett-Packard sent the company's shares soaring, but does that mean there's a basis to jump into the name?

"This seems to be right up his alley," Drakon Capital's Guy Adami said on "Fast Money."

While acknowledging that he had no knowledge whether the rumor was true, Adami added that the rumor could have set up a bottom for the shares.

Hewlett-Packard's shares traded down after accounting irregularities connected to its acquisition of Automomy were publicized.

"The stock has traded pretty well on what has been a flat tape," he added.

Pete Najarian of OptionMonster said it was an "interesting" proposition.

"At this level, your downside is very, very limited," he added.

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