Microsoft Kicks Up Its Surface Tablet Offerings

Microsoft Surface Pro
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft will begin selling its Surface tablet at more retailers within days and is also planning on growing its own retail presence, the company said on Tuesday.

Previously, Microsoft has only sold its tablet in its own stores and on its website, but the company claims that growing interest among retailers has prompted them to allow the retailers to sell Surface tablets even sooner than planned.

The company did not give specific dates as to when additional retailers would begin selling the tablet but said consumers in the U.S. and Australia can expect the device at more retailers in mid-December.

"Our plan has been to expand the retail presence for Surface after the first of the year. Based on interest from retailers, we are giving them the option to carry Surface with Windows RT even earlier," said Steve Schueler, corporate vice president of Microsoft retail sales and marketing, in a company post.

Microsoft will also be turning some of its holiday pop-up stores into permanent Microsoft retailers, the company said.

While the company still hasn't said how many Surface tablets it's actually sold, Panos Panay the general manager for Microsoft Surface said that "The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see."