The Company Behind Twitter's New Photo Filters

The Twitter Metric We'll Never See

Photo-filters may be hot on social media apps right now, but the company behind Twitter's new photo-editing feature is betting that companies of all kinds will eventually be integrating photos on their mobile platforms.

"It's not just about filters going forward. Photos are completely growing and blowing up all over the place," Avi Muchnick, co-founder and CEO of Aviary said on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" Wednesday. "Every single app wants to incorporate some elements of photos into them in it. And as smartphones really take off and dominate, every single app is going to be incorporating some use use of the camera into their phone."

Aviary provides companies and brands with photo-editing features that can be integrated into their apps. Some of its partners include Walgreen, Flickr, Yahoo Mail, and most recently Twitter.

Twitter rolled out its own photo-editing feature, which allows Twitter users to apply filters and edit photos on its mobile platforms, on Monday. The social network's new feature was announced after it became official that Facebook-owned Instagram would no longer support previews of its images on Twitter.

While both Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks continue to grow their own ecosystems — to some users dismay — their growing separations are actually good for business, Muchnick said.

"I think there is a lot of room for partnerships. But I actually love that all these different social networks are forming and it just means more choice for consumers," he said. "There is no one social network that can sort of dominate decisions for all consumers. So I think its great and we are happy to service all of them."