True North Financial, LLC Announces Their A/R Assist(R) Program a Brand New Step in the Collections Process

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Dec. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The A/R Assist® program from True North Financial, LLC is the "NEXT" step alternative to the worn-out collections process for vendors; offering out-of-the-box action to help with accounts receivable cash flow problems. A/R Assist® gives businesses an innovative, no-cost collection option enabling them to get paid more quickly without irreparably damaging the supplier / customer relationship.

While the economic environment has changed drastically in the last few years, most collections procedures have not. True North recognized that the typical approach to collections, at best, damages and, at worst, severs the vendor/supplier relationship with the struggling customer and many times simply does not produce anything close to an ideal outcome in collecting a debt. Vendors who need help with collections are strongly encouraged to take this new step and identify their problem accounts to their True North Financial Advisor before sending those accounts to a collection agency.

True North Financial, LLC investigates the delinquent accounts and determines which are viable and can be restructured. True North then helps these customers settle all debt obligations with the referring vendor having priority. This no- cost, risk-free referral program ensures that viable accounts that could benefit from debt restructuring with the help of True North Financial, LLC are positioned to pay the referring creditor first and much better positioned to maintain a healthy business relationship moving forward.

Bert Oliver, Esq., Chairman of True North Financial, LLC said, "The days when a vendor or supplier has only a few "bad debts" to deal with are over. Many bad debts are good customers who have just fallen on tough times. If you truly understand today's economic reality, using traditional collection methods to get paid is a short-sighted approach. Using overly aggressive collections methods throws the good out with the bad. That's why A/R Assist® is such a benefit. Not only will True North help the vendor collect more of their money faster, we will help determine which customers are truly bad for business and which ones can be nurtured through the rough patch. If a customer owes you money they probably owe others as well. A/R Assist® moves you to the front of the line."

"It is possible to produce a better result for both vendor and customer. The goal should be --- a maximum, zero cost recovery for the vendor and retention of a relationship with a customer that is still on its feet, still in business, and still able to buy from you. That's what the True North Financial A/R Assist® program is all about. It makes good business sense to adopt this approach. It costs the vendor nothing and has the potential to produce a far better outcome."

Breaking the vicious cycle of typical collections proceedings, A/R Assist® can eliminate the stress of the collection process for businesses. For accounts that do not qualify for restructuring, True North Financial, LLC will defer the collections process to a preferred agent at a reduced rate or allow your preferred agency to pursue collections at that time. The risk-free, zero-cost program is available in conjunction with the many other core services offered by True North Financial LLC. With over 75 years of combined business, legal and professional experience, True North Financial LLC, can assist businesses with everything from tax relief and debt consolidation, to collection services and funding options. For more information visit or

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About A/R Assist®

A/R Assist® from True North Financial LLC is a no-risk, no-cost program to assist businesses with their accounts receivable cash flow. A/R Assist® is not a collection agency; it is a strategic tool to radically improve a company's accounts receivable without the cost of hiring a collections agency. A/R Assist® helps businesses attain a competitive advantage over other vendors and eliminates the stress of the collection process. When your business utilizes A/R Assist® and refers the struggling companies that owe you money, your company receives the highest priority of all unsecured creditors. For more information visit

About True North Financial LLC

True North Financial LLC, is a privately owned company that specializes in finding cost-effective, affordable solutions to the most pressing problems of small to mid-sized business owners in order to help them survive and prosper. With a group of seasoned consultants, tax professionals and legal counsel True North Financial LLC offers an array of core services including; corporate debt resolution, tax relief, accounts receivable solutions, business credit building, funding solutions, and bankruptcy consulting. In the current economic climate, many small business owners need a skilled, experienced advocate by their side and True North Financial LLC is that advocate.
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