Danny Meyer: Growing in a Down Economy

There's one thing that keeps restaurant mogul Danny Meyer awake at night.

"I'd say the one thing that does concern me is commodity prices," he said Wednesday on CNBC's "Fast Money."

The restaurateur behind such wildly popular spots as Shake Shack and Union Square Cafe, Meyer said that rising prices for food commodities would mean lower profit margins, which presents a challenge.

"We're not in a position, even in a growing economy, to raise our prices," he said.

Still, Meyer sounded upbeat about his prospects, announcing the opening of specialty-drink business, Creative Juice, by year's end – and not just one location, but two.

Meyer's Shake Shack, with locations in New York, Connecticut, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, also revealed that his privately held Union Square Hospitality Group was planning to launch six more locations.

"It's a business that can definitely take advantage of a down economy," he said, adding that Shake Shack was launched during a downturn.

Meyer said he thought some of the bigger restaurant chains "are going to be inspired by the better burger."

As for any economic worries on his customer base, Meyer said he hasn't seen much of an effect on demand.

On Obamacare, he said that his restaurants had already offered health insurance as far back as 1985, so the new health care law would only require "a tiny bit of tweaking on our part."

"It's going to hurt us because it's going to give other restaurants a level playing field," he added.

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