Global Private Funding, Inc.: Belize Island-Paradise Wellness Center for Travel Medicine Promoting Economic Development


CENTURY CITY, Calif., Dec. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Private Funding, Inc. (Global) announced securing financing for the acquisition of a Belize island by Sam Senev, Chairman & CEO of (Global), as an investment towards building a dynamic wellness center & hospital to be operated by Global Institute Of Stem-cell Therapy And Research (GIOSTAR). "Integrating with travel medicine adds a new dimension to accessing the GIOSTAR treatments to a larger population allowing us to bring tomorrow's personalized medicine to our patients today," said Dr. Anand Srivastava, Chairman of (GIOSTAR), and was affirmed by Mr. Deven Patel, President and CEO of (GIOSTAR).

The Belize Paradise

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The island, renamed as La Isla de Alma, when fully operational will be approximately a thirty five (35) acre destination collaborating with the cruise and travel industry to increase Belize national revenue through travel medicine providing the most advanced treatments to its visitors. "It will not be yet another white washed or sterile looking building, it will have life," said Andrew Halarewicz, Sr. Vice President of Global Private Funding, whose wife Lee, an advocate of stem cell research for cancer, led many fundraising events for the Susan Komen Foundation, and survived eight years with her own breast cancer when she was only given 2 years to live at diagnosis.

ArtSubculture Inc., a dynamic, international arts organization that supports the development and distribution of artwork from emerging and established artists, has been selected to assimilate vibrant art as a component of wellness, and commission the construction of monumental public art installations from artists around the globe to promote the island and its mainland facilities as an international refuge for wellness and serenity. Jessica Beavers, President of ArtSubculture, who was previously a Vice President at Global said, "The center point of ArtSubculture is the Public Art Initiative, whose sole purpose is to build monumental and functional art structures as a means for economic development through tourism."

Roy Young, the former Consul General of Belize, based in Los Angeles who has also served as the Supervisor of Elections for the Government of Belize, as well as Mayor of Belize City, along with his fellow diplomat Mr. Walter Brown, who has served as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Permanent Secretary of Public Works, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, and Permanent Secretary of Social Services and Local Government continues to work with Global Private Funding to promote job creation through tourism creating economic development for Belize. Dr. Cadrin Gill, Consul General for St. Vincent and the Grenadines islands, Senev, Young and Brown are collaborating to develop an economic development strategy for the Caribbean through foreign investment.

Young and Brown described Belize as a very peaceful nation with a population of about three hundred and fifty thousand residents. According to the International Monetary Fund - 2011 World Economic Outlook, with an unemployment rate of 11.151%, Belize's GIOSTAR wellness project along with its mainland check-in center and clinic will create over four hundred (400) estimated direct, indirect and induced jobs which is more than a ten percent (10%) increase in jobs per resident. David Keller, President of Empyrean West, formally with PepsiCo and Sara Lee, spoke of the impact of foreign investment in developing countries and needing to bring doctors, clinicians and others as immigrants to augment the qualified labor pool currently available within the Belize population; "That importation of intellect builds the economy faster as these new residents bring with them spending power to bolsters the national economy," said Keller. Keller also added, "While there are many economic theories, Dr. Senev leads economic development through his practical hands-on invest in people, talk less, and do it now edict."

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