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ASHEVILLE, N.C., Dec. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RISC Networks, the business technology analytics leader trusted by Cisco, HP, IBM, and CDW to deliver thousands of IT Assessments worldwide, has launched fully automated, self-service, cloud-delivered IT infrastructure and network assessment tool. MyITAssessment gives IT and network managers a point-in-time snapshot of every device in the environment, and reports what is working and what is not.

In this example, the MyITAssessment report shows 129 line cards and network switches are creating performance problems. MyITAssessment pinpoints exactly where the problems are occurring, shows potential solutions and also reports that this degradation is a common problem found on 36% of other peers' networks when tested.

MyITAssessment is available at no charge to end user organizations; the cost is underwritten by IT solution providers and VARs.

The patent-pending technology underlying MyITAssessment has been proven in more than 2,000 IT assessments conducted worldwide since 2008 by parent company RISC Networks.

"MyITAssessment is ideal for troubleshooting known issues and determining the root cause, uncovering problems and performance degradation, identifying high ROI upgrade opportunities, planning for infrastructure changes and establishing accountability in cross-vendor problems," said Jeremy Littlejohn, chief analyst and co-founder of MyITAssessment. "The goal of MyITAssessment is to provide information managers can use to 'move the needle' and improve IT operations. Re-testing can then be used to benchmark progress and provide ideas for ongoing improvement."

Find Solutions Aligned with your IT Infrastructure

If you are managing an enterprise IT organization, how do you find the solutions that are right for your environment? Today, that probably involves trips to trades shows, vendor meetings, lots of time on websites, and long hours evaluating the alternatives to see what might work for you. Too often that process leads to fitting a square peg in a round hole.

"Our approach flips all that around to put you first, by starting with an automated IT assessment of your own unique environment. Our analytics technology identifies gaps, problems and opportunities and at that exact moment we also present potential solutions that meet needs uncovered in the assessment. This helps IT teams efficiently learn about options that make the most sense for them," said Littlejohn.

Organizations using network monitoring tools from Solarwinds, Spiceworks, What's Up Gold and others can use MyITAssessment by comparing results to check on how those systems are performing, and make sure they are tracking what is expected. Experience using the MyITAssessment tool in other assessments shows that even though 75 percent of the time customers already have these or other monitoring platforms, they still have problems and are missing opportunities to optimize their IT environments.

IT Assessment is Simple and Quick

Sign-up for a free IT and network assessment account and download the MyITAssessment virtual appliance; this runs in VMware products such as VMware Player (free), VMware Workstation, and all ESX versions of VMware. Input access credentials, which are totally secure and never leave the hardened virtual appliance, and start the assessment.

MyITAssessment automatically discovers everything in your infrastructure with no limit on the number of devices or sites. After one day or two weeks -- the longer the better because the picture becomes more complete - the assessment report is complete. No personal or confidential information is ever collected. All information on the devices, the network and traffic gathered for the assessment is encrypted and fully secure to ensure complete confidentiality and security throughout the process.

Reports IT Scoring and Performance Status

The user-friendly, in-depth MyITAssessment reports give more information than any other program in the market. IT managers will know their inventory, performance metrics, and receive an objective analysis of how their network stacks up against thousands of others with MyITAssessment's unique IT Score.

MyITAssessment also maintains a list of the top five scoring networks ranked for different size organizations. IT managers for the organizations on this list can take pride in knowing that they are managing their network and infrastructure at the highest levels of performance. Current Top 5 scoring networks with more than 2,000 nodes include Under Armour, Providence Bank and the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Carfax and digital mail and document management provider Datamark Incorporated are among the leaders in the 500+ nodes group.

The extensive MyITAssessment report provides performance and status information on all devices and networks including:

Summary of Devices | Hardware & Software EoX | Device PSIRTs | Windows Workstations

VMware Hosts & Clients | Virtual Machines | Basic Network Devices | Inaccessible Devices

Information is reported at the device and traffic path level on issues impacting the infrastructure and potential solutions to consider, enabling network managers to create a prioritized "punch list" of actionable items.

For companies who need additional resources or help interpreting the assessment report, MyITAssessment maintains a network of certified Solution Providers that can assist with the engagement at no charge, and provide recommendations and potential solutions based on the analysis. In addition, MyITAssessment also offers optional add-on custom reports and services for a fee, including report review and analysis, and a presentation of results and recommended actionable items.

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