Jeitosa's "Going Global with HR" Study for 2012-2013

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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Executives in Human Resources (HR) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are invited to participate in Jeitosa Group International's Going Global with HR research effort. This study, supported by the International Association of Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), analyzes leading practices in global HR covering strategy, organization design, business processes, people/culture, and technology.

As Karen Beaman, CEO and Chief Researcher for Jeitosa Group International explains, "The goal of this study is to provide insights into leading global HR practices to help organizations in optimizing their global HR function."

Last year, HR professionals from over a hundred global companies across all continents responded to the survey. The results showed that organizations are seeing global results in improved talent development (31%) and enhanced business performance (38%), increasing 30% and 10%, respectively, over the last three years. There has also been a 25% increase in on-the-job training through job rotations and special cross-functional assignments over formal classroom training. From an HRIS perspective, the study shows that, while SaaS technology has long been a major alternative for talent management solutions, SaaS solutions are now moving into the mainstream for global Core HR, Benefits and Payroll with 49% growth over the last three years, driven largely by Workday's new SaaS HCM offering.

Jeitosa's Going Global with HR study has gained significant recognition in the global HR space. According to Bill Kutik, analyst, columnist, and father of the HR Technology Conference, "HR is awash in surveys, but amid the clutter, one study stands out for HR's international issues and the challenges in going global: Jeitosa Group International's Going Global with HR study."

The Going Global with HR study will be available on Jeitosa's website until the end of December, and the results will be presented during the first quarter of 2013 on the Bill Kutik Radio Show, through a series of industry webinars, and as a written executive report.

Respondents are invited to participate in all of these events and also the option of a one-hour complimentary discussion with one of Jeitosa's Transnational Experts to benchmark their responses against those of top-performing global organizations in the study. Organizations are invited to participate by clicking here or directly from Jeitosa's website.

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