This Week on Money In Motion

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Japanese Elections and the Yen

Japan takes to the polls this weekend, and the Yen is bracing for the worst. The likely winner, Democratic Party President Shinzo Abe, has called for unlimited monetary easing, and wants to see the Bank of Japan raise its inflation target. So perhaps it is no surprise that ahead of the election, the yen has dropped to an eight-and-a-half month low. Is it time to fade the yen weakness, or is the pain just beginning? We'll discuss, and give you the best way to cash in.


If you had expected that gold would move higher after the Fed announced yet another round of quantitative easing, you were wrong. After a quick sugar spike, gold sold off on the announcement. So was it just profit-taking, or did Chairman Bernanke say something that got gold investors worried? We'll have that debate, and predict gold's next move.

Fiscal Cliff

The nation is a week closer to the fiscal cliff, and nothing out of Washington has put investors at ease. Is it really possible that we'll go over the edge, and what would it mean for risk currencies? We'll give you the latest, and let you know how you can use currencies to protect your portfolio from the worst.