Practical Geeks, Scarce Redheads or Profitable Millionaires:'s Best and Rarest Man-products are On Promotion for the Holidays

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (, the only dating website where women are in control, is promoting an exclusive holiday arrangement of rare, useful and valuable man-objects. Whether for individual use or to be offered as a gift, the Christmas collection will be sure to delight every single shopper.

Rare numbers

For the collector-types who accept only the rarest and most exclusive of goods, has these hidden gems:

- The peculiar but endearing red-haired products. From strawberry blond to dark auburn, they are this winter's most fashionable arm-candy. And with just 245 in stock, or 1.22% of the site's man-ventory, they will not last long!

- For shoppers who don't suit red but are still seeking out a unique piece this Christmas, has also included a beautiful display of exotic studs in their collection. The site's 699 products of 'other' ethnicity (3.50% of stock) come with a '100% unique' warranty.

Functional products

Busy shoppers who like their personal possessions to provide a blend of practicality as well as aesthetic value will be thrilled with these samples of's Christmas edition:

- An exclusive line of 163 chefs (just 0.82% of stock) which come in a starter kit full with apron, pan and spatula. The most demanding shoppers may also request the 'European accent' option on these items.

- For tech-wary shoppers,'s 363 computer engineers (1.81% of inventory) are being promoted as the season's most useful commodities. These lovable geeks come with included eyewear and a digital pad that serves the dual functions of work tool for him and remote control for his user.

Smart investments

With these luxury items,'s seasonal offer also caters to the more discerning shoppers who demand a high return on their investments:

- No less than 702 shiny products with a regular income of over $100k a year (3.51% of stock). These prestigious pieces are packaged with a sweet ride and perpetual VIP access into the most exclusive venues; they also include 3 years of private accounting support.

-'s most luxurious holiday special consists of 118 carefully hand-picked, rare-quality superior executives. The units in question, representing 0.59% of the store's inventory, are delivered at the lady's doorstep in a designer suit, bearing a black credit card and wearing a gold ring engraved with their unique serial number. They all come with lifetime customer support and a 100% satisfaction warranty.

With such an extensive holiday edition, we already fear the catfights over the leftovers during the January sales! ( has turned the online dating world upside down only giving women the possibility to initiate contact with potential matches. The site allows women to shop for the men they are interested in - and only those men have the privilege of making contact with them. This breakthrough approach to matching eliminates online harassment for women, while sparing men from potential rejection.

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