Chicago Chiropractor Provides Customized Weight Loss Program for Patients

CHICAGO, Dec. 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. KayLynne Koubsky, a Chicago chiropractor and nutritionist from Universal Health Source, is urging people to come in for diet advice while the holiday season is in full swing. According to Dr. Koubsky, studies show that people commonly gain one to two pounds that hang around long after the holidays are over. She says these pounds slowly contribute to steady weight gain as the years pass. She says getting involved in a chiropractor-guided weight loss program now can help people avoid a long list of health problems.

The Chicago chiropractor says her emphasis on good nutrition is not simply an add-on service to chiropractic care. "Healthy eating habits are the bedrock of good health. I can give people adjustments for back pain day in and day out, but the truth is that a person's health will never be truly great until they get a handle on what they put into their bodies. So much of what we eat is overly processed to the point where it bears little resemblance to natural, nutritious food; and in fact, the way a majority of how Americans eat is actually hurting us in the long run. Obesity is a leading risk factor for everything from diabetes, heart disease and strokes to back pain, immune disorders, headaches and even cancer."

Dr. Koubsky says that as a nutritionist, her goal is to teach people about simple ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into their lives. She teaches her patients about the nutrition their bodies need to function normally. She says that her approach is not a typical "diet" approach meant to deprive people of foods they like. While she says that most patients do need to curb unhealthy eating patterns, providing them delicious, but healthier recipes and ideas gives them the tools they need to feel better about what they are eating and to lose weight naturally.

Dr. Koubsky also stresses that the holidays are actually the perfect time to start with a weight loss program. She suggests people avoid skipping meals to splurge at parties. She advises patients to stay constantly hydrated with water, both to curb hunger pangs and to promote their overall health. She also provides healthier ideas for classic recipes and suggests that patients bring healthy dishes to their parties to help encourage other people with their own healthy eating habits. A healthy diet in combination with active lifestyles and chiropractic care will help patients achieve an optimal state of wellness, according to the chiropractor.

Dr. Koubsky guides patients with nutritional counseling and healthy holiday eating ideas. "There are ways that don't include deprivation of favorite foods, even during the holidays, to stick to a healthy eating plan!"

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