Cramer: Emerging Catalysts Could Trigger Big Rally

New signs are emerging in the market that could be good for bulls. Very good.

"I think that there's been a change of heart down in Washington," said Cramer. "The rancor seems to have cooled between the GOP and the Democrats."

The reason isn't entirely clear but whatever it may be, a spirit of compromise has finally started to surface.

And a compromise – any compromise – should mitigate the draconian impact of the fiscal cliff significantly.

If that's the case, Cramer believes other forces are at work that could drive the market – and they're pretty bullish.

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"First, you know I like to watch the transports as a measure of economic activity. It is a legitimate axiom that when you make something it has to be shipped somewhere to be sold," said Cramer.

In other words, when the stocks of planes, trains, truckers and shippers go up, it's typically a reliable predictor of growth.

And the Transports are moving higher.

"On Tuesday the Dow Transports not only advanced, they showed signs of breaking out of the range that has held them back for ages and ages," said Cramer. "A real breakout, one that puts the long term downtrend that started in July of last year behind them, could be the signal that we have a genuine economic expansion on the rise."

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Banks have lagged the market for quite some time – with concerns about the fiscal cliff, Europe's financial crisis and China's economy dragging them down.

"However, banks now appear to be breaking out of a range that have held them back for even longer than the transports," said Cramer.

"One look at the XLF, the exchange traded fund that includes the major financial institutions, shows you that this index is finally making a definitive move to the upside, one that is so necessary if we are going to see a legitimate and lasting recovery."

It's widely believed that the market couldn't make significant gains without the financial services sector and the price action suggests they may be ready to rally.

Economic Growth

Cramer believes a deal on the fiscal cliff will be good for the economy. Pile on top of that the money that must be spent in the Northeast to repair damage from Super Storm Sandy – and Cramer thinks the economy will get a real jolt.

"It will produce a ton of jobs but it also will drive inflation," said Cramer.


"I think this move in gold confirms that the chance for some sort of economic calamity stemming from going over the cliff is rapidly being put behind us," said Cramer.

What's the bottom line?

When you take all of these catalysts together, Cramer sees every reason for the market to rally – hard. "Let's just say we could have a very good 2013," concluded Cramer.

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