COPsync Information Sharing Network Surpasses 320 Agencies


DALLAS, Dec. 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- COPsync, Inc., which operates the nation's largest law enforcement real-time, in-car information sharing, communication and data interoperability network, today announced that over 320 Texas law enforcement agencies, including courts, are currently using or have contracted to begin using the COPsync network to share actionable mission-critical information in-real time.

"We are extremely proud to have obtained over 130 new customers in 2012 and surpassed the milestone of 320 law enforcement agencies in Texas," said Ronald A. Woessner, COPsync chief executive officer. "Our customers are located in 165, or 65%, of the 254 Texas counties. These Texas agencies share actionable mission-critical information in real-time and communicate among themselves in real-time. They are also connected with those law enforcement officers and agencies in Mississippi using and evaluating the COPsync network. These agencies collectively constitute an electronic network of interconnected agencies and officers who are using COPsync's mission-critical tools to disrupt more effectively drug, cash and weapon smuggling and interdict child abductions and other crimes in progress."

Mr. Woessner continued, "As a network of interconnected users, we expect Texas sales of the COPsync network will continue to be driven by positive and powerful 'network effects' and by the so-called 'tipping point' effect once our penetration of the Texas market reaches that inflection point. With the 2012 growth in our network and the recent introduction of VidTac, our in-vehicle, software driven video system for law enforcement, we expect 2012 total revenues to range between $3.1 - $3.4 million, as compared to $2.55 million in 2011, for a projected increase of 22% - 33%. We also believe sales of the VidTac system will sharply accelerate the company's percentage revenue growth in 2013 as VidTac will open the door for us with agencies that use in-car video and that are not currently COPsync customers. Introducing these agencies to our video technology will raise their awareness of our ability to create innovative software solutions for law enforcement, thus further driving sales of our core information sharing network. "

About COPsync

COPsync, Inc. (OTCQB: COYN) operates the largest law enforcement real-time, in-car information sharing, communication and data interoperability network in the U.S. The COPsync network enables officers to report and share actionable mission-critical data in real-time and collect for outstanding Texas Class C misdemeanor warrants in real-time at the point of incident. Officers are also able to obtain instant access to local, state and federal law enforcement databases. The COPsync system also eliminates manual processes and increases officer productivity by enabling officers to electronically write tickets, accident reports, DUI forms, arrest forms and incident and offense reports. Use of the system saves lives, reduces unsolved crimes and assists in apprehending criminals and interdicting criminal behavior -- through such features as a nationwide officer safety alert system, GPS/auto vehicle location and distance-based alerts for crimes in progress, such as child abductions, bank robberies and police pursuits. COPsync also sells VidTac,™ an in-vehicle, software-driven video system for law enforcement. For more information, visit For company logo, see

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