GSSNet Alert Studio Designated Mississippi's Official Emergency Alert System

JACKSON, Miss., Dec. 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Security Systems, a Mississippi-based company, announces that their product, GSSNet/ Alert Studio, has been installed as Mississippi's new Emergency Alert System. This Common Alert Protocol -based system allows the state to meet the Federal Communication Committee's new guidelines regarding the distribution of emergency alerts. The selection of this system was supported by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters.

The installation of GSSNet/ Alert Studio is an expansion of the state's existing ALERT FM system, which uses the data subcarrier of local FM radio stations. This targeted emergency notification system was implemented by the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina and expanded by a grant from MEMA in 2009 to provided fully redundant FM signal around the state. ALERT FM and GSSNet/Alert Studio both distribute information using the GSSNet satellite data delivery system. GSSNet provides a "switchless" solution that is not affected by telephone or internet issues during power outages.

"The introduction of GSSNet/ Alert Studio in Mississippi is great value to our state," said Jackie Lett, MAB president. "Broadcasters across the state are able to receive critical information more quickly and reliably using the satellite infrastructure of GSSNet."

Prior to the installation of GSSNet/ Alert Studio, EAS messages were distributed to the radio and television broadcasters through an analog daisy chain. Using the new system, MEMA or DPS officials will create and send a message using the Alert Studio message origination tool. The message will then be sent via GSSNet and received using satellite downlinks at Local Primary 1 and 2 stations across the state. The LP1/LP2 stations then broadcast the information across the radio frequency to the public. Radio and TV stations across the state monitor the LP1 and LP2 stations and relay the EAS message over their frequency to their audience.

"We are excited about GSSNet/Alert Studio because it will allow DPS to better issue Amber Alerts across the state," said Delaine Stacy, DPS Office of Preparedness. "The system gives us the ability to attach pictures to our alerts as well as preview our message prior to it being sent."

EAS messages to be sent by MEMA or DPS might include but not limited to Amber Alerts, evacuation notices and weather warnings and instructions. GSSNet/Alert Studio has completed the National Incident Management System and Integrated Public Alert and Warming System conformance testing by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. These positive results will allow GSSNet/ Alert Studio to participate in IPAWS which will allow Mississippi officials to receive federal messages such as the President Alerts and Imminent Danger Alerts and broadcast those alerts across GSSNet/ Alert Studio to the public.

"GSSNet/Alert Studio will allow us to target EAS messages to a specific county, multiple counties or statewide," said Jeff Rent, MEMA Director of External Affairs. "It will allow us to distribute federal, state or local information to our citizens which keeps them better informed, therefore better prepared."

About Global Security Systems

Global Security Systems (GSS) is a systems integrator, service provider, and manufacturer of ALERT FM, an FM radio-based emergency alert system, GSSNet, satellite delivery system, and GSSNet/ Alert Studio, a CAP-EAS voice and teaxt message delivery system. In 2005, the Mississippi Department of Homeland Security implemented a statewide ALERT FM system which was expanded in 2009 by MEMA. GSS has participated in the development of IPAWS-based systems, is a member of the Commercial Mobile Alert Service systems committee, and is actively involved with several EAS and CAP committees. The GSS nationwide GSSNet satellite delivery system for emergency alerts currently is in operation now at over 400 locations and growing daily. It includes the ability to generate and deliver CAP messages.

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