Successful Vail Health and Well-Being Event Evolves


VAIL, Colo., Dec. 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The key visionaries and concept architects of last September's successful Vail-based health and well-being event, John and Jamie Stone, announced the formation of a new 501(c)3 nonprofit group, DiscoverWell™. The organization will continue to evolve the concept of Vail as a worldwide destination for well-being through its Vail Living Well Summit™ and Vail Living Well Experience™ events.

"DiscoverWell™ is dedicated to the evolution of Vail as a place for connecting leaders in health, fitness and longevity with health conscious individuals in an interactive, evidence-based, fun and experiential environment," said Jamie Stone, President of DiscoverWell™.

Surveys of both attendees and presenters categorized the 2012 event as a tremendous success. Their opinions caught the attention of numerous local, regional and national organizations and potential sponsors.

"We're thrilled to announce a partnership with Johannes Faessler and the Sonnenalp Hotel team to provide programming that elevates Vail as the premier destination for health and well-being," continued Jamie Stone. "Our nationally and internationally renowned presenters and sponsors share in our passion for both the Vail Living Well Summit and the Vail Living Well Experiences™ that will be offered throughout the year."

The DiscoverWell™ team and its partners are already developing programming for the September iconic event in addition to its first multi-day longevity program in February.

The signature event, Vail Living Well Summit , like last September's event, is an interactive health-centered summit intended for both locals and destination guests alike and designed to achieve an enriching, educational and transformative experience. Next year's Vail Living Well Summit™ will be held September 19-21, 2013 and will include the same interactive "university" feel of multiple sessions in addition to featuring high profile keynote speakers, a vendor expo and activities that incorporate Vail's outdoor mountain environment.

"The key evolutionary elements for 2013 happen with the addition of more singularly focused events throughout the year, called Vail Living Well Experience™," adds John Stone. "For example, we will feature our first Vail Living Well Experience™ February 6-9, 2013 at the Sonnenalp Hotel. The event, called "Stressing Gracefully: The Science and The Art," will feature renowned health psychologist Eli Puterman, Ph.D. and is designed to help attendees learn about and manage 'the good, the bad and the ugly' of stress."

In addition, "Stressing Gracefully: The Science and The Art" will give attendees the opportunity to ski with Olympic and World Cup Champion skier Cindy Nelson, snowshoe with five-time Adventure Racing World Champion Mike Kloser and practice yoga with international yoga teacher and inspirational speaker Katie Brauer. The Sonnenalp Hotel has a specially designed package for the event.

"The vision and passion that the Stone's and DiscoverWell™ have for health and well-being is contagious and dovetails into the overall efforts of the Town of Vail, the Sonnenalp and numerous Vail-based organizations to continue defining Vail as a worldwide destination for healthy living," said Johannes Faessler, owner of the Sonnenalp. "We are proud to partner with DiscoverWell™; more importantly, we believe in the positive impact that DiscoverWell™ will have on health and well-being on a broad scale."

For more information about Vail Living Well™ and the programs and events that it produces visit, facebook or call Vail Living Well's™ concierge at 970-343-9918. For more information or to reserve a spot and book lodging for the February 2013 Vail Living Well Experience™ contact Patricia McNamara at 970-479-5434 or email .

The Vail Living Well Summit™ and Vail Living Well Experience™ bring top level doctors, researchers and athletes together, along with health conscious individuals to connect, learn, share and have fun in the beauty of Vail, Colorado. Both the Vail Living Well Summit™ and the Vail Living Well Experience™ utilize evidence based interactive and experiential programming for maximum takeaway for both attendees and presenters. Topics include fitness, nutrition, cognitive and emotional well-being, heart health, preventive medicine, longevity and stress, sleep health, and cutting edge breakthroughs in health and well-being.

Photo cutline: (L to R) Johannes Faessler of Sonnenalp Hotel partners with Jamie and John Stone to create and promote programming through Vail Living Well™

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