RVPlus Releases Financials for Fall Quarter Showing Major Revenue Potential From Foreign Government Contracts

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NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RVPlus, Inc. (OTCQB:RVPL), holding company of ECCO2 Tech recently filed a quarterly report showing $8.66 million from accounts receivable as of October 31, 2012 and is projected to see $275 million in sales over the next year due to purchase agreements with foreign government parties, who will be provided goods and services that aid carbon-emissions reduction, energy efficiency, in addition to supporting climate change, environment, forestry, and agriculture.

Cary Lee Peterson, Chairman-CEO comments, "The company and ECCO2 business model have made significant transitions for the better since starting a few years ago. 2012 has been a tremendous year for ECCO2 Tech and with dozens of new alliances with UN Parties and NGOs I anticipate an extraordinary outcome once the business model takes full sail this next year."

RVPlus reported a $297,117 deficit accumulated during the development stage from August 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012 and a financial risk remaining at a moderate status. In the past six months the company has made entry into two definitive material agreements with foreign government parties for goods and services, holding a total value of $1,890,000,000 (1.89 billion US dollars), which are associated to Civil Society Programs, collectively organized by United Nations affiliates and Parties. Thus, the company's subsidiary, ECCO2 Tech is designated as the exclusive vendor and supplier for each Civil Society Program for ten years from the affective date of both material agreements.

ECCO2 Tech, subsidiary of RVPlus, Inc, is a domestic and export provider for American manufactured green technologies that are sustainable, energy efficient and lower carbon-emission generated by transport and facilities to commercial and government agencies worldwide. The company also supplies 'green' products that enhance growth of crop and forestry.

It has been over three years since a concept company in exploration stage, calling itself 'ECCO2', an acronym that means Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide publicized its 'go green' theme. Long before ECCO2 was acquired by RVPlus in May 2012, ECCO2 had been seen in major publications as Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, in additional to several news articles about business activities with United Nations and foreign governments.

For more details about RVPlus and ECCO2, go to http://www.ecco2tech.com.

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