Capitalize On It

Robert Seise, Davidoff Cigars, NY


In 1911, Henri Davidoff opened a tobacco shop on Boulevard des Philosophes in Geneva. Following several years in South and Central America, where he expanded his knowledge in the tobacco industries, Henri's son, Zino Davidoff returned to Geneva in 1930 to make his father's business the world's premier shop for hand-rolled cigars. During World War II, Zino Davidoff benefited from his good relations with Cuban suppliers, who had left their large Parisian cigar stock to him just before the German invasion. During the war, Davidoff was the only supplier in Europe who could deliver Havana cigars. In 1970, Zino Davidoff handed over his Geneva business to the Oettinger Group. The Davidoff name has grown into a global brand with over 60 Davidoff Flagship Stores worldwide. Today, all Davidoff cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic.

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