Detour American Grille & Bar Partners With MSCB Group to Open Two New Indiana Restaurants in Former Scotty's Locations

FISHERS, Ind., Dec. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MSCB Group, partners with Detour Franchising Inc., is excited to announce the opening of two new Detour American Grille & Bar restaurants in Fishers and downtown Columbus, Indiana. Carmel-based Detour Franchising will take over the spot in the former Scotty's Lakehouse in the Geist area and the Columbus Detour eatery will open in Scotty's Burger Joint in Columbus.

Both Scotty's locations in Geist and downtown Columbus are owned by Fishers-based MSCB Group LLC. According to MSCB Group co-owner Mark Maddox, MSCB is committed to providing a "family-friendly dining experience to our valued customers in Geist and Columbus, as well as a supportive workplace for our highly valued employees. All employees who are working with us under current management will have a job with the new Detour restaurants," Maddox says.

The Geist and Columbus Scotty's restaurants will remain open and continue to be managed by Pots & Pans Production until December 31. The two locations will then close for seven to 10 days and reopen in the second week of January as new Detour restaurants, according to Matt Whisler, president of Carmel-based Detour Franchising.

The opening of the Detour restaurant in Geist is familiar territory to Whisler. Whisler served as the original general manager of Scotty's Lakehouse and played an integral role in its start up and success, says Mert Shipman, an owner in MSCB Group.

"It's very exciting for me to be back at Geist and at the Lakehouse," Whisler says, noting that he and his team are "eager to begin working with MSCB on developing the newest Detour locations."

"People are the most important part of our business," says Whisler, "and have made Detour what it has become. We are very excited to work with the great staff at both locations."

Whisler and current partners Steve Ponsler and Ozzie Kalil are part of the original team to open the first Detour location in Carmel, Indiana, in May 2011 and most recently opened their location in Kohl's Plaza, across from the Keystone Fashion Mall.

Detour advertises itself as a "New Direction in Fresh Food," offering a made-from-scratch menu that includes all-natural ingredients.. Items include half-pound Certified Angus Beef burgers, crisp salads made to order, Rock Shrimp Tempura, overstuffed Quesadilla, freshly made tortilla chips, Ahi Tuna, flatbreads, and Detour's signature Chocolate Chip Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup Sundae.

The Geist and downtown Columbus Detour restaurants will include a modern bar featuring bottled and draft beer offerings and a variety of specialty drinks, including Detour's Snickerdoodle and Banana Split Martinis, Caribbean Lemonade and "the Traffic Jam," a concoction of cranberry and orange juices spiked with Bacardi Dragon Berry. Soft-drink lovers will be pleased to hear that Detour proudly serves Coke products and will be adding Coca-Cola's "Freestyle Fountain" - which serves up more than 100 flavor combinations through a touch-screen soda machine - in the near future.

In addition, the Geist and Columbus Detour restaurants will feature Detour's signature HD flat screen TVs, outdoor patio dining and special weekday events.

"Our goal for the two new Detour locations in Geist and Columbus is to create a fun establishment for people of all ages who want to take a 'detour' from their hectic day to enjoy great food and drinks in a relaxing, Cheers-like atmosphere," says Whisler.

According to MSCB co-owner Maddox, who also is the founder of the law firm Maddox Hargett & Caruso P.C, the company owned by Scott Wise had its management contracts for Scotty's Lakehouse and Scotty's Burger Joint terminated by MSCB on December 15 because of "financial management-related issues."

"Scotty's was given the opportunity to continue under its management contract for 90 days as required in our contracts, but opted to terminate their management early. MSCB and Detour recognize that the most important part of this transition is the current staff and our loyal guests in both the Geist and Columbus communities," Maddox explains. "We will continue to support our employees and communities as we promptly reopen these new locations."

"All of us at MSCB are looking forward to the new Detour restaurants and to working with a management team whom we trust and have confidence in to make Detour an exciting part of the Geist and Columbus restaurant scene," adds Maddox.

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