Sherman Oaks Chiropractor Gives Focus to Treating Thyroid Disorders

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SHERMAN OAKS, Calif., Dec. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sherman Oaks chiropractor Dr. Robert Allen Schwartz reports that patients at Hygiea Health & Wellness are getting relief from thyroid problems through intensive holistic treatments involving detoxification, nutrition and chiropractic care. According to Dr. Schwartz, the vast majority of thyroid problems result from toxicity in the cells. He adds that some common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction include inflammation, immune system problems, fatigue, pain, stiffness and difficulty with weight management. The chiropractor states that he runs each patient through extensive testing to find and eliminate the toxins and substances that interfere with the correct function of their thyroid and other glands.

The Sherman Oaks chiropractor also says that modern life exposes us to many toxins that can adversely affect thyroid function. He says, "Our thyroid dictates how our metabolism functions, and also the growth and development of many other bodily systems. If the thyroid produces too much or too little thyroid hormone, symptoms will develop. While many modes of treatment out there focus on artificially regulating the thyroid, we try to find out what is aggravating the thyroid so we can remove those toxins and help the thyroid return to normal function."

Dr. Schwartz says that one of the most common complaints from patients with thyroid problems is difficulty with weight loss. He says these patients say that no matter how much they exercise or what they eat, they cannot lose weight. In these and other cases, Dr. Schwartz explains that he has several tests to detect substances might be causing thyroid interference. He says the most common culprits are heavy metals, food sensitivities, pathogens and chemicals. These toxins, he adds, interfere with proper hormonal function by causing cellular inflammation that shuts down metabolism in the body's cells.

Dr. Schwartz says that once he knows what toxins, food sensitivities and lifestyle habits are affecting a patient's thyroid function, he works to develop an individual treatment plan that focuses heavily on nutrition. He explains that if a patient has shown sensitivity to any foods, those foods should be removed, while adding other nutrient-dense, organic, plant-based foods. He also recommends supplements to reduce inflammation and correct cellular metabolic processes. He adds that chiropractic care to free up pinched nerves so they can communicate properly with the brain also helps relieve symptoms.

Dr. Schwartz says that a holistic approach is most effective. "The body is an entire system, and when part of it doesn't work properly, it can cause a domino effect of dysfunction. Our goal is to treat the whole body on all levels for the most comprehensive healing."

Dr. Schwartz is an Elite Master B.E.S.T. chiropractic physician with 26 years of experience. He works with patients on their nutritional intake as well as their exercise, breathing, rest and thought processes. More information can be found on his website

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