Kentwood Cat Clinic to Offer Affordable Cat Care Programs in January

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KENTWOOD, Mich., Dec. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kentwood Cat Clinic in Kentwood and Cat Clinic North in Grand Rapids will start offering a variety of preventative cat health programs in January 2013. According to cat veterinarian Dr. Tammy Sadek, the cat veterinary hospital will bundle preventive wellness services such as regular examinations, vaccinations, lab tests for parasites and even cat dental care into packages cat owners can purchase and pay for in monthly installments. Dr. Sadek says that there will be three plan options from "basic" to "silver" and "gold," and that using the wellness packages will save cat owners money versus purchasing each service individually.

The Cat Clinic Preventative Care Programs will encourage more cat owners to get their cats the services they need to avoid health problems later. "For some cat owners it is difficult to pay for each service their cat needs individually. When necessary care is delayed cats often encounter even more expensive and painful problems. The goal for our preventative care packages is to make it easier and more affordable for cats' owners to get the preventive services their cats need on an ongoing basis."

The basic package includes services such as regular examinations, vaccines and fecal and blood testing to catch common parasites. More comprehensive lab tests are in the silver package, while the gold package also includes professional dental teeth cleanings. Owners can pay for the plans in monthly installments on their credit cards, or directly via automatic payments from their bank accounts. Dr. Sadek explains that this enables cat owners to budget for preventive care expenses, which helps prevent more serious illnesses and costs.

Dr. Sadek says that dental teeth cleanings are a particularly important, and yet under-used service the clinics offer. According to the cat veterinarian, four out of five adult cats suffer from some level of periodontal disease. By adding cat dental care to one of the preventive care packages, she hopes to keep more cats healthy and pain free.

Dr. Sadek adds that the most important reason for the new cat wellness packages is to help cats. "None of us like to see a precious cat suffer a health problem that could easily have been prevented. These new programs will make it much easier for owners to prevent those problems and have healthier, longer-living cats."

The Cat Clinics provide both preventive and urgent care, including surgery, lab work and cat dental care at both locations. Ultrasound, radioactive iodine treatments, boarding and grooming are also offered. The cat veterinary hospital's website is located at

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