San Jose Chiropractor Shares Tips for Dealing With Holiday Stress

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A San Jose chiropractor wants local residents to understand how holiday-related stress affects their health. According to Dr. Jennifer Forster of Insight Chiropractic, many common activities associated with the holiday season, such as hosting guests, indulging in rich foods, going on shopping sprees and even wrapping presents can lead to musculoskeletal pain and other problems. "We want to help people recognize and avoid these stresses if possible," says Dr. Forster. "A few smart coping strategies, including massage therapy and spinal adjustment if needed, can make for a happier, healthier holiday."

Dr. Forster notes that while marathon shopping trips are a staple of pre-holiday preparations, many shoppers fail to take into account the physical toll this activity takes on the body. "Store hopping can put an extraordinary strain on the skeleton, muscles and connective tissues. Foot pain is a common complaint among holiday shoppers -- partly because of shoes that don't offer proper arch support or allow for a straight posture, and partly because people simply exhaust themselves." Dr. Forster adds that carrying heavy bags around for hours at a time can contribute to muscle tightness, strains and even spinal misalignments. She urges shoppers to support their overall wellness by wearing sensible shoes, taking frequent rest breaks and drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Careless eating and drinking behaviors also place unnecessary stress on the body during the holiday season, according to Dr. Forster. "People fail to eat sensibly during the holidays, and overindulgence in fatty or sugary foods can cause you to pack on extra pounds and feel sluggish, "she says. "This puts stress on the joints, causing pain and even premature degeneration. Rich foods can also affect your insulin levels, blood pressure and even make you feel fatigued or depressed."

The chiropractor recommends eating lightly and packing healthy snacks, especially before a strenuous shopping excursion or other heavy activity. She adds that even such mundane activities as trimming a Christmas tree or wrapping presents can create muscular strain and tension. Emotional stresses can take a similarly heavy toll on the body during the holiday season, with conflicts among loved ones creating muscle tension, headaches and even eroding wellness. "Emotional stress impairs the immune system, making you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria," explains Dr. Forster. "This is especially dangerous when you're interacting with so many other people."

Along with these various cautions, Dr. Forster recommends massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment, not only to cope with stress but to prepare for it as a wellness measure. "We can make sure your muscles are relaxed and your spine is properly aligned. This will help your entire body cope with holidays more easily."

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