Top News Headlines of the Week (December 17 - December 21, 2012) From China PRnews

BEIJING, Dec. 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The following is a roundup of the top news stories from China PRnews, Local Partner of NASDAQ OMX Group in China.

2012-12-17 [Source: NVC-lighting]

Guangdong Entrepreneurs Delegation visited NVC UK

Recently, the Guangdong entrepreneurs' delegation visited to the NVC UK. The NVC chairman, Changjiang Wu and Garry Pass, the manager of UK NVC-lighting accompanied the visiting, and share and exchange the British company's operation and investment experience.

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2012-12-17 [Source: CHJ Jewellery]

CHJ Jewellery won the Title of '2012 Annual China Top Ten Jewelry Retail Brands'

December 11, 2012, China Jewelry Annual Conference was held in Beijing International Convention Center. China brand CHJ Jewellery (stock code:002345), won the title of '2012 Annual China Top Ten Jewelry Retail Brands'. Chuangbin Liao, the CEO of CHJ attended the awarding ceremony.

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2012-12-18 [Source: King Long Motor]

Higer won the Annual Outstanding Hybrid Motor Award

The 2012 China electric vehicle industry award ceremony opened in Shanghai. Many well-known electric car companies in the industry gathered in the scene to share the leading edge R & D outputs in the industry. The Higer gas hybrid buses series KLQ6109GCHEV1A won the 'Annual Outstanding Hybrid Motor Award'.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51561.htm

2012-12-18 [Source: Seegle]

The R & D of Seegle Technology Achieved the CMMI 3 Certification

Recently, China highest market share in video conferencing service provider-Seegle Technology (www.seegle.com) achieved the CMMI 3 Certification which reflects a high international recognition.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51564.htm

2012-12-19 [Source: Far East Group]

Far East Cable won the National Machinery Industry Quality Award

12-13 December, the sixth five governing enlargement of the China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association, National Machinery Industry Quality Award Ceremony was held grandly in the Hainan Haikou Christine and Garden Hotel. In the awards ceremony, Far East Cable was awarded the 'National Machinery Industry Quality Award'.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51599.htm

2012-12-19 [Source: Wailian Visa]

Wailian Visa won the award of 'the Most Trusted Oversea Education Brand in China'

In the education industry value list, Wailian Visa was elected the award of 'the Most Trusted Oversea Education Brand in China'. Wailian Visa, as the leading brand of Chinese immigrants industry, achieved the unanimous recognition and praise of the experts, media and Internet users.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51608.htm

2012-12-20 [Source: Linuo Paradigma]

Linuo Paradigma held the 2013 National Distributor Elite Summit

December 18, the 2013 Linuo Paradigma Dealer Elite Summit was held in Jinan. The Board of Directors of Linuo Paradigma and more than five hundred core dealers attended the conference.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51630.htm

2012-12-20 [Source: Seegle]

Seegle Cloud Conference Technology Communication: to Enhance the Information Power for Urbanization

Before large-scale infrastructure construction, the cloud communications will be the first to shorten the distance between the city and the countryside. Seegle cloud video conferencing system (www.seegle.com) will build the 'information highway' between the two structures.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51627.htm

2012-12-21 [Source: Venus Technology]

Venus Technology WAF won the Annual Outstanding Product Award

Recently, the fifth Annual CIO conference grandly opened at the National Convention Center. Tian Qing Web application security gateway (WAF) of Venus won the title of 'Annual Outstanding Product Award'.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51657.htm

2012-12-21 [Source: Sunyard]

Sunyard Won the Title of '2011 Annual Top 100 of Service Enterprises in Hangzhou'

Recently, Hangzhou Municipal Office, the General Office of Hangzhou Municipal Government announced the result of '2011 Annual Top 100 of Service Enterprises in Hangzhou' generated through reporting, audit, publicity and other procedures. Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd. won this title.

Full-text story in Chinese is available at http://www.prnews.cn/press_release/51673.htm

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