Nerds Take Flight: Get Ready for the TravelNerd App

Look out, road warriors, the "nerds " behind personal-finance app NerdWallet are about to take flight with an app that aims to take some of the aggravation out of air travel.

"When we thought about what you spend the most time doing, it's really getting to and from the airport, and spending time in the airport before your flight," NerdWallet's Alicia Jao told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

The new app, TravelNerd, aims to help users figure out travel time and cost comparisons of transportation alternatives: airport shuttle, taxi, bus or subway, as well as parking options.

Wondering which airline is going to gouge you the most to check your bag, let you bring Fido along, or get in-flight Wi-Fi? What the food and drink options are near your gate? Yeah, their app does that, too.

TravelNerd has info on 53 major airports — 28 domestic and 25 international — but there are plans to add more, Jao said.

There is no revenue model at this time, she said, and the effort is simply to serve travelers — and presumably drive traffic to NerdWallet, which gets paid for every credit-card approval it delivers.

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