Global Security Agency Inc. Announces Selection Committee for China

CONROE, Texas, Dec. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Security Agency Inc. (OTCBB:GSAG) (the "Company"), a leading provider in logistics, support training, personal protection, security intelligence work and risk analysis for clients worldwide, announced today that it has selected a group of Asian Cultural experts to form a Selection Committee to make the recommendation to the Board on their three (3) best choices for the Global Security Agency (China) division Agency Director position. The GSAC Agency Director will be a certified contractor within China.

"We at Global Security are pleased with the growth that is coming together after more than two (2) years of continuous involvement in every phase of development of our business in the Chinese market," stated Lt. Col. (Ret) Larry Lunger, Ph.D., CEO of the Company. CEO Lunger further stated, "We look forward to the opening of operations being completed in Shanghai, China. It will be very beneficial for all our clients here in China and the United States." He further stated that, "GSA has announced that with the opening of the new offices in China, hopefully being before the Chinese New Year, the companies that we secure contracts to perform vetting and investigations from America will now have an American company deeply imbedded within China. An American Security Firm that can perform deep investigations before clients invest in Intellectual Property, Manufacturing or Financial endeavors."

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