New Laws for 2013: The Wish List

"Lucky 13"
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"Lucky 13"

Lawmakers make laws. Unfortunately, they make a lot of them. No legislator wants to look like he or she is "doing nothing" for the folks back home.

I say, do nothing! You've done enough already!

The rule of law has become more rules than laws. And how many laws actually address issues we care about? Like stopping the shopper who waits until all of his or her groceries are checked and bagged BEFORE pulling out a checkbook? Arrrrgh, there really oughtta be a law against that.

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As we wait for our national leaders to "rise above" and solve the "fiscal cliff," what sorts of laws would you like to see in 2013? I asked folks on Twitter, and here are some incisive suggestions.

"Legalize the use of pot in Congress." — @MyApplePi

"Lawmakers should be taken skiing once a week and must wear a Congress label on their backs. #SnowBoardersGetEven" — @wind4me

"How about a law that says no new laws only repeals of previous laws." — @badeolakona

"Mandatory jail time for creating new reality shows." — @DUCK42L

"20 to life for people that go to sub shops and go all deer-in-headlights when asked what fixins they want on sub." — @MACD_Surfer

"NBA players should NOT be allowed—by law—to slap teammate's hand after MISSING a foul shot." — our own @GuyAdami

"It's time for Congress to address status of that 11th item in the 'up to 10 items' checkout lane." —@Guy34VE

"4 each beverage past 2 that u order in line at one time at Starbucks u must pay for equal numbers of orders behind u." — @strikeforcefit

"Set up cameras and $10 fine for non-hand washers." — our own @bshactman

"You should not be allowed to vote until you pay for all your Walmart layaways." — @mooserds

"Buffett Rule - government takes 98 percent of all Warren Buffett income, normal and cap gains." —@RoscopGs

"$20 fine for every time your colleagues say 'ex-items' without saying what they are and how much. (See pro forma)" — @DavidBCollum

"All news of 'Kimye' Kardashian/West upcoming baby must be withheld by media for 1 yr except for 'real' news items." — @j2lovesfriday


"Congress works for free in 2013 since we paid them to do nothing in 2012." — @osubmeyer

—By CNBC's Jane Wells; Follow her on Twitter: @janewells