Gartman’s Top Plays for 2013 (Not Gold)

Selling gold stocks for a couple of different investments could be a winning bet for 2013, Dennis Gartman, editor of The Gartman Letter, said Monday on CNBC.

On "Fast Money," Gartman cited a recent chart he came across that showed the median cost of a house around the turn of the century was around 600 ounces in gold terms.

"It's only costing about 90 ounces of gold right now," he said. "Housing's cheap, gold's expensive."

Gartman also pointed to improvement in the housing market and consumer sentiment. "We might well see the housing market continue to do better.

"So I suspect over the next year, maybe what one wants to do is err on the side of being out of gold stock and long of housing stocks, given the fact that we've taken that housing-to-gold ratio from 600 ounces to 90 ounces," he said. "That's a big decline."

Gartman also revealed his top commodity pick: Cotton.

Falling from about $2 a bale two years ago to under 70 cents now means that farm acreage in the mid-South and possibly the High Plains could switch out of cotton and into corn and soybeans, he said.

Growth in China could wear down cotton inventories, pushing prices back up to "95 cents to $1 over the next year or two," Gartman added.

"So I think cotton, because it's gone sideways now for almost eight or nine months, built a base, doesn't want to go down, and the term structure, the nearby futures are gaining upon the deferred, which is something I always like to see," he said.

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