Best Foot Forward This New Year's: Dr. Emanuel Sergi Performs Minimal Scarring Hammertoe Surgery in New York!

Park Avenue Podiatric Care

New York, NY, Jan. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emanuel Sergi, DPM of Park Avenue Podiatric Care utilizes the most advanced, minimal scarring incision technique available for hammertoe surgery in New York City. Although some scarring is inevitable during this procedure, the lateral incision ensures the most aesthetic result. Patients can step into the New Year with their best, most beautiful foot forward thanks to the state-of-the-art surgical procedures and podiatric treatments offered by Dr. Emanuel Sergi in his New York City Podiatric office.

A dorsal incision on the top of the foot was the traditional incision site for hammertoe surgery. This technique created more noticeable scars than the discreet incision placement currently practiced at Park Avenue Podiatric Care. During the procedure, Dr. Sergi uses the lateral incision on the side of the foot, ensuring the least noticeable scar placement. Patients can expect to wear a splint to limit foot movement directly after surgery, but within only a few weeks, feet will not only be healthier and feel more comfortable in shoes, they will look beautiful as well.

People often dress up for holiday dinners and family gatherings, but after years of spicing up outfits with your favorite dress shoes, toes often feel a little worse for the wear. Although hammertoes are also hereditary and can develop from the mechanics of walking, pressure on the forefoot and a confined space which constricts the toes is the most prominent cause of hammertoe. These circumstances are the exact conditions that high heels and confining dress shoes inflict on feet, increasing the risk of developing this toe deformity.

The hammertoe deformity permanently bends the toe joint. Toes curl under the foot and are unable to flatten to a natural position, causing stiffness, pain, and difficulty walking. Favorite sports or physical activities are impossible to enjoy while enduring the pain associated with this condition. Patients with this condition may also forego wearing fashionable shoes due to these physical limitations and aesthetic concerns. As the condition worsens, corns will form on the top of each toe. Corns can be unappealing, limiting shoe choice. They also indicate a more rigid deformity of the foot and may need to be addressed surgically. Patients should consider hammertoe surgery in NYC before the condition reaches this level of severity.

During your consultation, Dr. Sergi will discuss factors that increase the chances of developing hammertoe, treatment options, and shoes that are more "foot friendly" to prevent hammertoe from reoccurring in the future. Hammertoe can be distressing because of the pain involved, the foot's deformed appearance, and the limitations it places on activities and lifestyle. Patients holding off on surgery because of cosmetic concerns, however, can rest assured that Dr. Emanuel Sergi utilizes the most advanced surgical techniques to minimize scarring.

Suffering from hammertoe can be physically debilitating, but patients can face 2013 with a pain-free, beautiful, and confident step forward! Dr. Emanuel Sergi and the Park Avenue Podiatric Care staff offer the complete spectrum of podiatric services at their New York podiatric office to help treat patients who have developed painful and physical symptoms of hammertoe. Anyone interested in learning more about hammertoe surgery in New York or any of the many podiatric services Dr. Sergi offers can schedule a personal consultation by calling Park Avenue Podiatric Care at his Madison Avenue location at 212.682.6626. Patients may also request an appointment for a personal consultation with Dr. Emanuel Sergi by visiting Park Avenue Podiatric Care online.

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