Five Hot Gadgets Expected at CES 2013


The Consumer Electronic Show is about to kick into full swing next week. And while companies will no doubt have many surprises up their sleeves, there are some new products expected to launch that are already stealing the spotlight.

Here are five new electronics expected to be unveiled at CES that could be game-changers. The event is scheduled to run from January 8 to 11. (Read More: Three New Apple Patents Hint at the Future of Gadgets )

Samsung's 'Unprecedented' TV

Samsung teased a new TV earlier this week on its Korean blog, where an image of a transparent TV was shown with a vague caption.

"A true innovation of TV design is coming up with a unprecedented new TV shape and timeless design," the company said on its blog along with the shown image. (Read More: What Apple TV Will Do to Stock: Munster )

While electronics giant has not yet confirmed it would be launching this particular design at CES, the company has regularly launched prototype TVs at the annual event.

LG Smart TV
LG Smart TV

LG Smart LED TVs With NFC

LG is rolling out its new line of CINEMA 3D Smart TVs at CES, The TVs will feature easier access to content and a simplified sharing system.

One of most significant features of the new TV is NFC technology. NFC or near field communication technology allows users to easily exchange digital content and connect devices. (Read More: Near Field Communication — the Next Mobile Boost? )

LG has implemented "Tag On" technology, which will allows users to transfer content between a TV and other NFC-enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, by just tapping them together. The TVs will also support LG Cloud, which will allow users to stream content from any location—bypassing the need to download media on separate devices.

The new TV line-up is said to run 120 percent faster than previous models and will also feature a redesigned interface for the Smart Home app system, making it easier to search for media.


Moneual's Touch Table PC

The Korean company Moneual will be showing off a restaurant style table that allows consumers to perform tasks using its touchscreen interface that's built into the table. (Read More: Is 2013 the End of the PC?)

While there haven't been many details revealed about the tablet-inspired touchscreen table, we do know that it's designed to allows users to browse menus, order food and also pay directly from the table. (Read More: Will Consumers Shop More if Retailers Embrace Technology? )

Vuzix smart glasses
Source: Vuzix
Vuzix smart glasses

Vuzix Smart Glasses

Google has gotten a lot of attention for its Google Glass project, but Vuzix is ready to take them on with its latest version of augmented reality glasses. (Read More: Five Things to Consider Before Embracing the Cloud )

The Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 looks like an over-sized Bluetooth head piece, but it connects users to the cloud allowing them to access data hands-free. It runs applications via Google Android operating system and includes GPS and an integrated camera with video and still image capabilities.

Samsung | Flickr

Samsung Robotic Vacuum

Just a week before CES begins, Samsung revealed an image of its latest version of its robotic vacuum cleaner on its Flickr site, hinting that the product will make its debut at the show.

There weren't a lot of details revealed with the image of the new vacuum, but the company did state it will feature the "world's first" pop-out brush that the company said will improve its efficiency.