PRGX Awarded the District of Columbia's Department of Health Care Finance Medicaid Recovery Audit Contract

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ATLANTA, Jan. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PRGX Global, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRGX), the world's leading provider of recovery audit services and the pioneer in Profit Discovery™, today announced that it has been awarded the recovery audit contract for the District of Columbia's Medicaid program.

PRGX will perform a comprehensive recovery audit of Medicaid claims on behalf of the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF). DHCF provides a multitude of services and benefits to more than 210,000 District of Columbia citizens at an annual cost of approximately $2 billion per year. PRGX will work to identify and recover payments, benefits or expenditures that have been erroneously processed. The initial term of the contract is one year, with up to four additional one-year optional contract extensions.

"We are pleased to add the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance to our list of Medicaid agency clients," said Christine Castelli, vice president and general manager PRGX Healthcare. "PRGX healthcare professionals are committed to providing exceptional client service and satisfaction while recovering erroneous payments. We are also dedicated to providing best practice recommendations for process improvements and look forward to working with the Department of Health Care Finance."

"The D.C. Medicaid award is yet another testament to our continued penetration of the healthcare claims recovery audit market," said Romil Bahl, PRGX president and CEO. "We look forward to serving the Department of Health Care Finance and delivering best-in-class savings with minimal provider appeals," added Bahl.

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