GeneralTouch PIT to Make Debut at the 2013 CES

CHENGDU, China, Jan. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GeneralTouch Technology Co., Ltd, a leading supplier of touchscreen and touchmonitor solutions, announces that its Projected Infrared Touch (PIT), the company's newly patented touch technology, will make its American debut at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas, the U.S. The PIT products will be showing from Jan. 8 to Jan. 11 in booth 35436 and 35637 in South Hall 4.

Recent years have witnessed the continuous emergence of various touch solutions and products ranging from mobile phones, interactive digital signage and electric whiteboard to self-terminals. As consumer focus has mainly shifted toward the demand for better touch experience in PCs, Microsoft's WINDOWS 8 offers a great opportunity to make the world a more touch-friendly place. GeneralTouch's PIT, compatible with the Windows 8, proves to be an all-new touch solution that has absorbed most of the advantages from other touch technologies and purged their inbuilt limitations.

The PIT products are available in screen sizes ranging from 10.4" to 55" and are suitable for All-in-one PCs and other applications. PIT boasts a variety of advantages. Its superior multi-touch performance is completely compatible with WINDOWS 8. PIT features a near-flat design with a 2mm minuscule edge-bezel, which has made it possible to produce more exquisitely designed All-in-one computers. Therefore, PIT's touch experience is much smoother and much more responsive than that of its competitors.

GeneralTouch has not only focused on PIT's first-class performance, but also on its cost. PIT is more cost-effective as compared with other IR touch products. It delivers the same or even better functions at a lower price.

As far as the PC market is concerned, touch-enabled personal computers are bound to experience an exponential growth in demand in the near future. It is obvious that GeneralTouch's PIT aims to grab a slice of the touch-friendly PC market as computer giants have long made foray into the segment.

With over ten years of combined experience in touch solutions, GeneralTouch would definitely outstrip other competitors and become the biggest winner in the medium-and-large-size touchscreen market.

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