Quincy Veterinarian Helps Take the Stress Out of Vet Visits

QUINCY, Mass., Jan. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Quincy veterinarian and her team have taken extra steps to ensure the comfort and peace of mind of local pets and pet owners alike. According to Dr. Meg Connelly, Willard Veterinary Clinic's combination of relaxed scheduling, large exam rooms, personalized care and cat-friendly pet services produce a more soothing, inviting atmosphere than the norm. "We understand that pets can feel anxiety and stress in an unfamiliar environment, particularly if they are also feeling unwell. We try to give them the best possible experience," says Dr. Connelly.

The veterinarian explains that the stress of a vet visit can not only make the visit itself more difficult than necessary but can also discourage owners from scheduling necessary pet wellness care. Early-stage conditions are usually easier to treat than advanced problems, so by putting off those appointments until an emergency compels them, pet owners are actually creating a more stressful situation. Dr. Connelly adds that the clinic places a high priority on personalized care to create more of a family friendly environment.

The clinic was designed with the work to flow smoothly from check in to check out. Patients can be examined where the technician can review medications and instructions, answer questions and process payment without any distractions. A typical thriving pet care facility may attend to as many as ten patients per hour, (with 5 minute appointments) whereas Willard Veterinary Clinic deliberately limits its schedule to three patients per hour. The longer examination gives the patient more time to acclimate while also gaining a valuable history from our clients about their pet. The clinic also maintains spacious examination rooms to accommodate more than one pet and families.

The veterinary center's emphasis on peaceful, stress-free pet care plays an especially large role in its treatment of feline patients. The clinic has created a separate waiting room and examination area just for cats and their owners. It has received certification as a "cat-friendly practice," meaning that it conforms to improved handling guidelines set down by the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. Connelly hopes that the low-stress environment at the animal hospital will encourage owners to schedule pet wellness checks and other pet services, saying, "One of the most important things someone can do to make their pets' experience more pleasant is to practice veterinary situations before they have an appointment. Owners should handle their pets' ears, feet and mouths in a pleasant, calm environment so it is not a new experience in a clinic setting. Owners can dangle toys or laser pointers in the open carrier and reward with treats to acclimate their cats to going in and out of the crate. Willard Veterinary Clinic also provides pet wellness services, geriatric care, urgent/emergency treatment and other pet services for Milton animals.

More information can be found on the website http://willardvet.com/ under Cat Friendly Practice.

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